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Facebook, Tweets,& Pins Oh Boy!

Small Business TalkPosted by Gaetana Monday, August 20 2012 05:32PM

Admit it, you've signed up for ever social network known to man. From Facebook to Twitter, to Pinterest, to Instragram, to Myspace, to Linkedin, to Flickr, and the list goes on and on. In todays day and age it seems essential to be apart of every social networking and every day a new one is pop up. Meanwhile you barely have time to check each and every one. Right ?!?!

As tempting as it may seem to avoid them all, you may be missing out on an opportunity. Here's how you can narrow your social networks down and what you can benefit from the ones you choose to use.

Let's start with Facebook....

What it's for: Connecting, sharing and staying in touch with friends and business associates.

Who it's for: Everyone

Time demands: Check in every day or two

The bad rap:It's bragging about your kids to your elementary school classmates.

The new twist: It's for networking with your elementary school classmates.

There is no lie that Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites out there with over a 1 billion active users. You can turn your personal connections into professtional ones. You might not know that you can sort your contacts into groups such as family, work and etc. If you want to stay in the mind of former bosses or potential business associates make it your business to like their post. Even comment. It's all about networking. You never know why liking someone's post when a job opening comes up they might think of you first.

Now let's move onto Twitter.

What it's for: News, info, and connecting

Who it's for: Content creators and anyone comfortable with a public forum.

Time demands: Check in two or three times a day

The bad rap: It's what you had for breakfast

The new twist: It's what everyone celebrity had for breakfast

Twitter may be one of the most misunderstood social networks. But with over 500 million users it still remains popular.Twitter is good for the working moms to the stay at home mom because you can get everything in little pieces. You can pop onto Twitter and see everyone is talking about, what's trending and what is the hot topic for the day. Anyone can create content whether through articles, photos, videos, or even graphics. Twitter can bolster your reputation, audience and personal brand. It's also great to connect with leaders in your field. If you're a business owner you can talk right to potential customers. A great tool to use for digital marketing.

Last but not least, Pinterest.

What it's for: Showcasing visual content as well as bookmarking recipes, crafts, travel, decor and other information

Who it's for: Visually oriented professionals and individuals in such fields as product and home design, photography or architecture; scrapbook-loving moms

Time demands: It's up to you but user beware it can be addictive

The bad rap: It's for competitive homemaking

The new twist: It makes you look as creative as Martha Steward

If you love posting cool pictures that not only you take user but find online then you'll love Pinterest.A cyber scrapbooking site that took the media by storm earlier this year. Pinterest surpassed several other social networking outlets and ranked third in the most popular after Facebook and Twitter. On the site you create and follow different boards surrounding around different topics such as food, fashion, or decor. Then you "pin" bookmarks to the board for future reference, planning or inspiration. Beyond personal use, you can use Pinterest for your business. Such as for ideas, industry research and graphics. If you belong to any profession networks, you can pin members on a board. The only danger is Pinterst is highly addictive. You can sit forever pinning away.

Now we've picked our top 3. What's yours? The key to any of these social networking is figuring our your motives and the level of involvement you want to have. So remember that when choosing because otherwise you can look to experience a social networking burnout.

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