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Satin Doll Cafe is the place to come to hear about all the events that Satin Doll had or participated in. To hear about the latest styles and fashion craves. A place to let off a little steam about the daily grind of the fashion industry.

February Journaling Card

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, January 30 2018 10:06AM

January is finally coming to a close. Was it just me or was it one of the longest months ever. It seemed like it would go on forever. Nevertheless, with February only 2 days away it's time to switch out our old journaling card to something new. Since February is known as the lovers month besides Black History Month. I decided to add a bit of a heart theme to this month's journaling card. Like always I adorned mine using the scallop scissors to give them a more decorative look.

To download, simply click on the image.
February Journaling Card
Hearts February Journaling Card

Enjoy and be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us if you use our journaling cards. Hashtag #satindollco .

Note: For personal use only.

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Ditch & Adopt

Trends & gossipPosted by Gaetana Friday, January 19 2018 10:26AM
2017 has officially come and gone. It's time to ditch some things from 2017 and adopt some new for 2018. If you're a fashion junkie then you already know a new year is a fresh start.

Here's what you should ditch and adopt.

Ditch: Big Earrings
We all love our big earrings. Me included but they have hit their limit and it's time to ditch them for something new. Bye, bye big earrings.

Adopt: Plastic Accessories
Spring is all bout plastic. Accessories across the board are embracing this trend. From low end to high end designers. From jewelry to shoes to handbags. Embrace the plastic.

Here's some pieces that you can find at Satin Doll & Co. to help you adopt plastic accessories.

Turquoise Picasso Vintage Plastic Beaded Dangle earrings

Cherry Pop Czech Fire Polish and Vintage Plastic Beaded Dangle earrings

Turquoise Delight Candy Jade and Vintage Plastic Beaded Dangle earrings

Rock Steady Vintage Plastic Dangle earrings

White Picasso Dangle earrings

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"Extra-Special" Jewelry Trend

Trends & gossipPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, January 16 2018 09:31AM
A lot of jewelry trends are stating dainty layered pieces are the style to lookout for but if you follow fashion and trends then you'll know there's one trend that all the fashion girls are wearing. It started popping up last fall and no one predicted it would be a major look. It's been dubbed as the "extra-special" by shopping destination Net-a-Porter. What's "extra-special"? In plain English, it's earrings that stand out from the rest. In shapes inspired by fine art, nature and rendered to embrace their imperfections. These earrings can be worn as a pair or alone as a single piece giving an eclectic take on asymmetry. No matter how you decide to wear this statement-making pieces, let them take center stage while pairing down all your other accessories.

Now here's some piece you can find at Satin Doll & Co. and make into the "extra-special" trend.

Dagger It Agate Antique Gold earrings

Eggshell Floral Daggers Howlite earrings

Floral Daggers Howlite earrings

Gold Mine earrings

Meet the Eye Adventurine Antique Bronze Dangle earrings

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MadeWithSouthernLuv Ebony Queen Box: Let's Misbehave

FeaturesPosted by Gaetana Friday, January 12 2018 09:07AM
I received my MadeWithSouthernLuv Ebony Queen Box a couple of days ago and just like the last time all the shops who contributed knocked it out of the box. I didn't know what to expect because this time around everyone was pretty quiet. Nevertheless, it all came out beautifully. The theme this time was a masquerade theme which is perfect since Mardi Gras and Carnival is just around the corner. The color scheme was purple, black and gold. So let's dig inside.

As you can see this box is jammed pack with tons of goodies from stickers to die cuts to even a mask.smiley Every planner girls favorites in one box.
It's only right since the theme of the box is a masquerade theme that you have a mask. This one isn't any ordinary mask either. It features black ribbon and the mask itself is of the post beautiful lace trim. Perfect for any masquerade balls you may attend next month.The quality of the mask is amazing.
This next item has to be the most beautiful die cut ever. Is this Ebony Queen die cut with foiling detail. The foiling really makes it pop.
Then there is this laminated journaling card that features the name of the box. She is perfect and ready to go straight into your planner. The illustration is beautiful and embodies exactly what the theme of the box is.
The next item is a bow charm in one of the theme colors. The bow is very well made is one of the prettiest shades of purple accentuated by silver accents and findings.
Our shop, Satin Doll & Co. contributed jeweled paper clips in either this golden yellow or black. I really should of taken it out of it's packaging. My bad. But never the less no masquerade wouldn't be complete without some jewels.
This page marker/bookmark is soo cute. It features a quote that says "the less you reveal the more people can wonder". The mask and shoes just bring it over the top. Just run it through your laminator and you're good to go.
This charm is perfect for any TN. Simplistic in design and embodies the theme of the box.
This planner charm by Pardon My Chic is this boxes theme in planner charm. It's absolutely gorgeous and features a gold mask with beads in the theme colors. Perfect for any planner TN or ring bound.
You can't have any planner box without any type insert. Paper Shae provided a TN insert in pocket size.
You can't go wrong with grid paper and her paper quality is some of the best. Can't wait to start using this.
I was so happy to see that QT Planner Co. was again in the box. She included another sampler sheet of stickers. The deco stickers are too cute especially the one that says Let's Misbehave. I really enjoyed using her stickers the last time. The quality of the stickers are really good and I look forward to doing a weekly spread with them.
The box creator MadeWithSouthernLuv included a full 4 page kit. Full boxes, half boxes, quarter boxes, little things, headers, heart check boxes, check lists, habit trackers, deco and icons.The whole shabang. What I love most are her full boxes. If I could hoard them I would but I definitely look forward to using them. They are EVERYTHING.
The last sticker sheet included was from My Rosebud Boutique. She include a TN kit that fits perfectly in my pocket TN. It features a bit of everything from washi to headers to check lists, icons, half box, weekend banner and etc. Enough to do a whole weeks white space spread. I can't wait to use it.
Lastly, to round out the box you'll find 4 sample wash packs in the boxes theme colors and a gold feather that you would find in a masquerade mask.

Overall, the theme of the box was a hit. The theme colors was amazeballs. The mix of items include was perfection. There was a nice mix of everything and no two items were alike. MadeWithSouthernLuv and everyone who contributed to the box did an amazing job and I"m not just saying this because I'm a contributor. A++ everyone.

Boxes are still available and there is FREE SHIPPING. Don't walk, run. Get yours, here.

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A Look Inside My Business Planner for 2018

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, January 09 2018 10:40AM
This is a continuation from my blog post about my 2018 Planners.
In late 2017, I decided that I wanted my business to have it's own space dedicated to it. With that being said, in November I purchased a traveler's notebook from Mystics Little Gifts a pocket wide in Macchiato. Before this my business section was all the way in the back of my Recollections planner. I had a tons of inserts just thrown in there and it felt jumbled.With that being said lets get into my business planner.
On the elastics I have two charms that can be found on my website. The first being our Flutter Butterfly Charm and our new Initial Silver Plated Charm .
Dangling from the TN I have a custom charm that I made myself with rose gold tone charms. One charm saying "Strong" while the other says "Follow your bliss". You can find a nice mix of charms on my website.
All the dashboards I made myself using laminator sheets and folders from the Target Dollar Spot cut down to size. This first insert features my Fall Doll - Planner Die Cut, a hello tag from the Target Dollar Spot sticker book and a page tab that I made myself.

The tab is made from a Target Dollar Spot page flag that I put on card stock. I added a box sticker for extra decoration. I then laminated it and used double stick tape to adhere it to my dashboard.
On the inside of that dashboard I have my January 2018 calendar which is a free printable here on my blog. I used my favorite scallop edged scissors to give it a nice decorative edge.
My first insert is my Future Log is yet another free printable available here on my blog. You can use it for just about any type of forward planning but I use it for monthly goals.
My next insert is my monthly calendar which isn't shown and after that is my Weekly Planner from Wendaful.
The insert is the Midori Week on One Page with Notes and I'm completely in love with it. It's not only functional but I can still add stickers to it for a decorative touch. On the left side I put tasks that I want to accomplish on a particular day and on the right side with the grid I put anything extra. (ie:To do's for the week, Places I need to go, Items I need to buy, Habit trackers for anything I want to track for the week, and an area for tasks I want to do or schedule for the following week. I've been using stickers from PeachyChicCo and I'm loving it because I can do a full spread in my Recollections Planner, then plan in my TN and still have stickers to spare. Definitely check out her shop.
At the top of the page I normally have some type of clip to mark that page for the week. Last week I had my Flint Jeweled Paper Clip from my website.
On the backside of that dashboard/section I have a postcard that I got from my sister that came in a order she place somewhere. My next dashboard features a die cut from my Girl Boss Die Cut set and one of my very first fashion doll die cuts which isn't available any more.
On that dashboard I have one of my Hamsa Paper Clip Charm.
I then have a Habit tracker which I have turned into a PR tracker and a months insert which I track my website views daily. Unfortunately, I can't tell you where they are from because I can't remember and I have tons of inserts that I've saved on my hard drive but when my hard drive crashed I lost my bookmarks.
I have a pocket bookmark that I made using paper from the Target Dollar Spot and it holds functional stickers I might need on the go. It also sports a pen loop that I made which is holding my favorite gel pen from Dollar Tree. Don't sleep on them. You'll find some great lil' gems there.
The backside features a Heidi Swapp folder with more stickers because you can never have enough stickers.This section also has inserts to track my online sales. They're from SugarPinePapery.
They're made for a personal planner so I just shrunk them down by either 45 or 65% to fit in my pocket TN. I use them to track my sales on my Etsy shop and website. I've been using them religiously since I purchased them maybe a year ago.
On the inside back of that dashboard I have my Planner Die Cut which is no longer available.
My next dashboard features another die cut from my Girl Boss Die Cut set and a die cut from Goldmine & Coco which were include in the MadeWithSouthern Luv Ebony Queen Box.
This next section feature the AnniePlansPrintables Shop Owner TN insert. I've been on the hunt for a while now for the perfect insert for my business that features everything. I found it with this insert.
The insert features a Daily Shop Stats which is perfect to track your sales on a daily basis.
Plus notes pages. You can't get enough notes pages.
A customer section which I will be using for custom orders.Also not shown because I've written all over them are the Active Coupon Codes pages, Active Sales pages, Supply Order Tracker pages and Meet-up Donations pages. I highly recommend this insert set. It has a bit of everything and was super easy to print and cut which is very important.
This section features another die cut from my Girl Boss Die Cut set and a sticker from xquisitesoul , Ebony Queen Zoe Goddess Dress Up Planner Sticker Kit Erin Condren Vertical/ African American Stationery Stickers/ Happy Planner Stickers which was included in the MadeWithSouthernLuv Ebony Queen Box . I put on card stock and cut out and then adhered with double stick tape.
This next section features my Daily Expenses insert from Wendaful.
This next dashboard features a sticker quote from Me and My Big Ideas sticker book that I put on card stock and cut out then adhered to the paper. The fashion doll was from a sticker sheet that I got from my planner friend. I did the same as I did with the sticker quote.
This section features a notebook that came in the MadeWithSouthernLuv Ebony Queen Box from Paper Shae. I'm using it to write down product ideas. I love how thick the paper is .
I have another page marker which has a sticker from the Target Dollar Spot and our January freebie which everyone will receive with their Satin Doll & Co. stationery order.
I had the current sticker sheet I was using that week from PeachyChicCo behind that dashboard. This next dashboard features another one of those sticker dolls from xquisitesoul and a quote sticker from Me and My Big Ideas sticker book.
This section features list inserts most likely from Wendaful yet again.
Behind that dashboard I just have some stickers that I can use anytime.

And this completes my business planner. It's more about functionality then looking pretty. I'll probably decorate it more as time goes on but that's it. I was unsure about a pocket size but I love it. I can put it in my planner bag and put it in any purse and go.

What planner are you using for your business? What inserts are you loving? Feel free to share.

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2018 Planners

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Friday, January 05 2018 08:45AM
Before 2017 ended I decided that I no longer wanted to be in one planner for everything. So with that being said for 2018 I wanted to separate my business and personal life plus I wanted to use a TN again. Which led me to....These two. I kept my Recollections Planner from last year but have added a traveler's notebook from Mystic Little Gifts to my arsenal. So with that out of the way I'm going to let you know in advance this blog post will be long and detailed. So go get a cup of tea or coffee and a snack because you'll be here a while.Oh a pen and paper too for notes.
So lets start with my Recollections Creative Year Solid planner in metallic ivory which you can purchase at Michaels. I started using this in 2017 and want to continue using it until I find a nice replacement. Due to the light coloring you notice when I go inside that I have marked it up with pen and marker unfortunately. Which sucks. Besides that it has held up and is in fairly great condition. Even the rings, pen loop and pockets. And I used this baby every minute of every day last year. This year it will be home to all things personal. So let's go inside.
I'm a huge fan of decorating my pockets but this time I kept it pretty simple. All the paper you see are Target Dollar Spot folders that I totally forgot I bought until I was looking for something else in my desk. The die cut you're seeing is my Head in Her Planner die cut which is a freebie in my Facebook Group for Satin Doll & Co. You'll find all our freebies in the comments section of our Freebie picture. The paper clip charm was available on our website but is no longer.

All the dividers are made from laminating sheets and the paper inside are the Target Dollar Spot folders. The Egyptian lady is my Egyptian Life Crown - Planner Die Cut found on my website. The word page flag is a sticker (Trust Your Gut)from Me and My Big Idea. The bow you see peeking out I will tell you later. This section is for my monthly calendar, weekly spreads, and etc.

I'm so proud of my tabs. I made them yesterday or the day before from paper flags from a booklet from yet again Target Dollar Spot. I had a bow sampler that I got from a planner friend and then put corresponding stickers for each section. Put on card stock, cut on and then laminated. I then used double stick tape to adhere them to my dividers. I love how the little bows stick out.

This inside cover features a mix of die cuts from different sticker shop that you can download and print for free from their Facebook Groups. From left for right: CreateWithPen, The Fox and Pip, Cocoas Vision With U in Mind (from the MadewithSouthern Luv Ebony Queen Box), and TheHoneyBShop.
The first page in my planner is my 2018 Year at a Glance Calendar from Wendaful. She has two options Plain or Rose Gold & Marble. Mine is the Rose Gold because I love all things rose gold.
This next page lists the U.S. Holidays from 2016-2018 which is from Green & Lyme which is no longer available unfortunately.
After that I have my 2018 Goals Printable which is available here on my blog. I decorated with stickers and washi tape to add a bit of color and personality to it.
I then have my future log which is a another printable you can find here on my blog. I use it to track my goals for the month. It can be used for basically anything.
I attached my future log pages (3 pages) together with my Elephant Paper Clip charm which is available on my website. I have paper clip charms throughout my planner so I don't have to thumb through pages to locate certain items.
This next two pages are the same from last year and are the Important Dates insert from SewMuchCrafting. It's no longer available on her website as freebie but you might be able to find it in her Facebook Group with a number of other freebies.
I then have my monthly calendar which is from AnniePlansPrintables. These are apart of her Personal Rings Size |JAN-MAR 2018 Vertical Week on 2 Page (Monday Start) Printable Insert. I decorated my monthly spread using Michael's washi and finally you get the info on this bow bookmark. It's from Jens Crafty Designs Co and it was in the MadeWithSouthernLuv Ebony Queen Box.
Behind my monthly spread for January were these blank pages in my AnniePlansPrintables and it dawned on me the other day what to do with it. The left side features a mesh of inspiration stickers from Me and My Big Ideas sticker books. They'll help keep me inspired throughout the year. The right side features my word of the year which is FOCUS. The sticker surrounding around it are all things that pertain to me and my personality. I have stickers from DarcyDoodles,QT Planner Co, xquistiesoul which were include in the MadeWithSouthernLux Ebony Queen Box. Plus some stickers I got from my a holiday card swap.

Then are my weekly inserts. I switched up my inserts for 2018. I was previous using Wendaful Horizontal inserts for ages. These are very popular and I was unsure if I was even going to like them or even if they were going to be functional for me. This is my first week's spread for January and I can say I've been converted. I love them. It took me over an hour to plan because I took my time.I literally planned day by day so I wouldn't forget anything. As you can see I'm a white space planner and being a no white space planner would drive me crazy. It looks too jumbled together. But it looks cute when everyone else does it. It's just not for me. The kit I used was Apple Orchard by PeachyChicCo. The page marker I made the day previously using a MAC holiday gift bag I got for my birthday. I just 2 cut the size I need.Used double sided tape and taped the wrong sides together. I then used another page flag sticker and then added a word sticker. Ran it through my laminator and punched. Super easy.
My next insert is my notes section. You'll see dolls on every section in my planners. Either my own or someone else is. This one is my Fall Doll - Planner Die Cut. The sticker right next to her say's "think Happy thoughts" and comes from Me and My Big Ideas. The sticker at the top of the insert is from the same Target Dollar Spot sticker book that the page flags that make up my page tabs .
On the inside of that page I have two more dolls from my website. Foxy Lady and Planner Peace along with more stickers from Me and My Big Ideas.
I then have my page marker pocket/ pen look holder. Which I made using the same technique as my page marker. This was a MAC makeup box from some collection that I couldn't let go in the garbage. I love pretty packaging. I then stuck a Heidi Swapp pocket which holds my January Journaling Card which is available on my blog and my Plan for Life Doll. The pen loop is from Ronda's Planner Accessories and was included in the MadeWithSouthernLuv Ebony Queen Box.
The opposite side features another pocket and more die cuts. The cup is from The Fox and Pip Facebook Group and the other I can't remember. If I remember I'll include it later.

I then have To-Do inserts that came with this Recollections planner.
I also have some lined paper from Target Dollar Spot which is for their binders. Which I cut down and re-punched.
This next section is my personal section. The front of that divider has a doll by TheHoneyBShop from her Facebook Group and another quote sticker from Me and My Big Ideas Sticker book.
The backside of that insert feature a die cut freebie available in my Facebook Group in the Freebie comments and a die cut from Simply Me, Kish from the MadeWithSouthernLuv Ebony Queen Box.

Due to this section being my personal section I can't show everything because they hold sensitive information but I what I can show I will.What I can not, I will list the inserts used below with any links.
I'm very picky when it comes to the inserts I use.They have to be functional.So when I came across these Doctor Visits inserts I had to get them. They're from PeanutsPlannerCo. I love how functional and clean to the point they are.
I have this Online Order Tracker from Wendalful that I've been using forever and a day that I love.
Also this To Buy/Wish List insert from Wendaful which is another oldie but goodie that I love.

I've fallen back on certain TV shows so I have several pages of My TV Shows from Wendaful.
I have my Get it Clean Printable which is available here on my blog. I laminated mine so I can use a dry erase marker.
Behind that have more die cuts that can be found in our Facebook Group. My Ring Bound Planner Die Cut and Snowflakes n' Everything Nice Die Cut.
I then have a Brain Dump printable that I found on Pinterest.
Another printable I found on Pinterest, 10 Tip for Better Time Management.
My Fall Bucket List which is available here on my blog.

Then my Winter Bucket List which features a die cut from Cr8tiviely Chic with a bow paper clip.

Lastly my Christmas Bucket List.
I'm doing the PopSugar Reading Challenge again this year. So I downloaded the challenge list.

The inserts not shown were the following:
-Telephone List from Green and Lyme (no longer available)
-Password Tracker from Wendaful
-Coupons Printable available on my blog
-Books to Read Printable

We have finally reached the last divider in my planner. This one used to be my business/ blog section.But since I have now moved my entire business to my TN this section I was going to remove until I moved my lists to this area. The cover features nick nacks from a card swap. I still have to add more decorations.
The backside of that divider features my lastest Facebook Group freebie. Our 2018 This is my Year Doll.
I then have a journaling card from PaperPrincessPlans that came with my order. Which I laminated and punched.
Then another printable for Lists to Keep on Hand which I found on Pinterest. Yes, I love Pinterest. Can't you tell.

I can't really show anything after this part since it features random list from Natural Hair Products, Festival Checklist, Makeup to name a few.Lastly to finish off this planner I took one of the dividers that came with the planner to help my pages don't get bent. Since it's just there I decided to add a bunch of post its which are all from Target Dollar Spot. I use them to make notes and to forward plan.

So this completes my Personal Planner for 2018. I swear this is the longest blog post to man. For that reason I'll break this blog post up and put my TN which I'm using for my business in a separate blog post. I won't subject you to anything else for now. You have alot to comb through.

So what planner(s) are you using for 2018?

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December Must Haves

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, January 02 2018 01:10PM
Happy New Year everyone!!! I can't believe we just rang in another new year and it's 2018. Wow! Time is literally flying.
With that being said it's time for me to share my December Must Haves. With November being my birthday month and I was spoiled beyond measure and a lot of the items I'm loving happento be birthday presents. That were given to me or either I bought myself. So to no future ado here are my December Must Haves.
This is hands down my FAVORITE foundation of life. Yes, I said life. I tried this back in September or October from a sample my sister got with a Sephore order I think. I tried it and loved it. Not knowing a month or two later she bought it as my birthday gift. It's Stila's latest foundation, Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer in Tan 13. #1 a little goes a long way. I literally use one pump and I'm good to go. The foundation will oxidize if left unused. #2 I was little unsure about the packaging but I totally understand it when it comes to the oxidizing part. No more getting foundation on my hands or using my hand as a palette either. I literally pump what I need and use my beauty blender and then replace the cap when I'm done. No cleanup at all. #3 The finish is everything. It makes my skin flawless and stay on for hours. When the label say Stay All Day it means it. On my birthday I wore my makeup from about 5:45am -11pm and when I got home it was still looking fresh like I just did it. If I was going to the club that night I could have. No worries. And if your wondering my skin type it's oily and it held up to my oily skin. No touch up at all. Not a one. The concealer that comes with it is literally a match for my skin so I've used it for any trouble spots and not under my eye since I like a brightening effect. You can find it at Stila, Sephora and Ulta to name a few.

When it comes to liner I'm very picky because my eyes tend to water if it's cold, if the sun hits it a certain way or just because. For that reason, I lean toward cream gel liners. I recently reached for my coveted Wet n Wild liner but it dried up.smiley A whole container. Like really, I was upset. So while in Walmart one day I picked up a E.L.F. cream liner in Black. When I used it the first time I was in for a shock. It was so smooth. Yes, smooth. I used it and it was BLACK. The blackest of black I've seen in any gel liner I've used. Even more then my coveted Wet n Wild gel liner. You don't need as much with other gel liners. And it literally glides over the skin and creates the darkest line. I love my Wet n Wild but E.L.F has pushed it out as far as gel liner goes. Plus I think it's a dollar cheaper then Wet n Wild too.
I'm back to using blushes as my blushes since I hit pan on my coveted Star Trek highlighter. So I have to use it sparingly. With that being said I have went back to my favorite.Tart's holiday palette from either 2 or 3 years ago that I got for a birthday.
It features not 1 but 4 blushes and 1 bronzer. Many woman and especially women of color don't like Tarte blushes because they're not really pigmented but I love them. You have to build them up which is fine by me since I get to control how much blush I want to use. (From left to right: Crave, Dazzled, Darling, Dollface, Park Ave Princess) My favorites have to be Crave, Dazzled, and Darling. I sometimes use Dollface. But hands down in December I was loving Dazzled which is my all time favorite. As you can see it's deeper in tone and comes off as Pinky Rose tone on me.

Yes, I'm a planner girl if you didn't know that already and I can happily say I'm back in a traveler's notebook. I've been trying to get back into it the last couple of months but I just wasn't feeling it. I came across Mystic LitLittle Gifts and I loved her craftmanship, her personality and her assortment. So on Black Friday at 1-something in the morning I remembered about her sale and managed to snag a pocket wide in Macchiato.It's absolutely gorgeous. I had my heart set on a B6 pink sand but missed out on it and decided to settle for a pocket wide.I couldn't be happier.It has 6 elastics which is perfect. I've made it my planner for my business and is compact enough to fit into any bag I carry. The leather is exquisite with all the natural markings of the animal and the shade of brown is exactly what I didn't know I needed. I'll definitely be adding more of her TN to my planner collection. Pink Sand and Sand I have my eyes on. Go check her out if you're a planner girl and she's super affordable too.
The mascot as you can say for my company is a butterfly. So it's only right that a butterfly planner charm is hanging from it from my TN. This was added to my website last month and I had to steal one for myself. I loved it the moment I created the first one. It's called Flutter Butterfly Charm and can be purchase on our website under our New Release or Stationery-Accessories. It's sure dainty and can represent many things.
As a jewelry maker/designer it's so hard for me to even look or purchase another artisans jewelry. But I absolutely adore these charm bracelets my sister gifted me for my birthday. They're so unique and so me. They from Jazzy Bloom. I absolutely love this line and so much so that I gifted one of the bracelets to my sister for Christmas because she mentioned she wanted one. The three bracelets I was gifted were Rep Your Zodiac in Scorpio, Black Girl Magic Bangle, and You are a Queen Bangle. I definitely will be adding to my Jazz Bloom collection. The craftsmanship is on point, super affordable, and so fashionable.
I'm absolutely obsessed with my planner fashion dolls. They're literally everywhere. Especially my Fall Doll. I think I have her in 3 different places. With me not freelance designing for any company now I was rarely drawing which is very unlike me. Drawing goes deep into my soul and I've been wanting to draw. My soul has been aching for it if you get what I mean. One day my sister saw me printing another illustrators work to add to my planner and she was like why don't you do that .And my fashion doll die cuts was born.My soul is so happy it could burst. I'm so happy to doing one of my passions again on a daily basis and it's an added bonus that people are purchasing my artwork and are loving it as much as I love creating them. Plus I'm sure excited for my New Release on Friday. Shop my Planner Doll Die Cuts here.
And lastly, I'm loving my Facebook Group. The ladies that join are super amazing and I love interacting with you all. You're creativity and passion for all things planner and fashion related is amazing. I love sharing exclusive freebies and printables with you guys. Plus sneak peeks too. Can't forget those. If you're not a member of my Facebook Group you're definitely missing out and I highly recommend joining. Join here.

I almost left this one out by accident but I've been loving Sephora's 10HR Fix & Correct Concealer in Shade 30 and 31. My sister used to work for the company many years ago and when she cleans out her stash I end up with so much new makeup she won't use on her clients or herself.I'm so upset when she told me that they no longer carry this product and I just finished #31 which was my go-to concealer. I have some darkness under my eyes and I would use this and it concealed and brightened under my eyes. I literally want to cry. So now I'm using #30 for under my eye, to highlight my forehead and down my nose. It's creamy, blends like a dream and conceals. I love the compact ability of it.I don't know what I'll use after #30 is done.

Well this concludes my Must Haves for December. What are you loving? I would love to know.

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Future Log Printable & January Journaling Cards

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Friday, December 29 2017 10:37AM
The New Year is literally 3 days and I'm scrambling to get everything ready for the turn of the clock. With that being said you will be getting a 2 for 1 deal in today's blog post. So enough chit chat onto the printables for today.
The first being a future log. I originally had this in my planner in my 2017 setup. So weird to say that but I couldn't locate the original file to reprint it and the source of the printable is no longer available. So what's a girl to do? Create it herself.With that being said. This is the future log which I use to put my monthly goals for the month personal and business wise. You can use it for basically anything that you want to record monthly. It's three pages long for personal size and you'll be happy to know I created it for a TN too. Yay!smiley

A lil' tip: You know all those tear drops stickers and dots stickers you don't know what to do with.I use them as bullet points before I write. I'm a visual personal so it helps draw my eye to the text more. (as shown above)

To download, click the image below.
Personal size- Ringbound

Personal size-TN

Note: Reduce to 65% for pocket size. 85% for B6. Printing for your TN I recommend printing one page and then turning it over and printing the second page so that it's double sided. Unless your printer does double sided. Select that option.

Now onto January journaling cards. I created two and kept it pretty straightforward with the design since it is January and most of the U.S. is literally below zero.So it's only right snowflakes are involved.

Like always I used my scallop edge scissors to cut my out. For 2018 I chose a different font that I'm obsessed with. So get used to it.You will be seeing a lot of it. FYI Just like previous months I included both journaling cards in one download. Keeping it super quick and easy.

To download, click the image below.
Snowflake January Journaling Card

January Journaling Card

To print:

To print ,simply click print. Easy as 1-2-3.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or comment below.


P.S. Feel free to tag us on Instagram @SatinDollCo. and hashtag #satindollco. We would love to see how you decorate and use your printables. Happy New Year!!!

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