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Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Wednesday, October 26 2016 12:52PM
Get a behind the scenes look at our lil' work space.
It's a small space because we all know New York city apartments are not big so you have to utilize any space you may have. The desk is from IKEA along with the draws and glass top.

We basically customized our desk which came out way cheaper then buying one pre-constructed. The glass top is what makes it unique. We choose the famous Youtube ALEK draws for the perfect amount of storage.

Our computer, keyboard and mouse is HP. It recently crashed but thank god it's back from the computer graveyard.

My planners have a permanent spot on my desk since they keep me organized and on task. The file stand houses paperwork that I use on a daily basis.

Our desk is more functional then pretty but we added a decorative plate with candles from IKEA. The buddha I got from the swapshop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida some years back. Our pen holder is from IKEA along with the fake plant. Had to add some greenery in the mix.

If anything and we have to construct jewelry or package orders our keyboard and planners are moved out the way for more space.

So if you ever wondered what our workspace looked like. You've been given a inside look. It's all about functionality. Hopefully in the near future we'll have a whole dedicated area for Satin Doll & Co. but for now this will do.

What does your workspace look like. We''ll love to see.

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