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Satin Doll Cafe is the place to come to hear about all the events that Satin Doll had or participated in. To hear about the latest styles and fashion craves. A place to let off a little steam about the daily grind of the fashion industry.

Important Notice About Earring of the Month Club Subscriptions

Website NewsPosted by Gaetana Sunday, January 17 2016 08:11AM

Due to the recent shipping increase at the USPS. All Earring of the Month Club subscriptions will be increasing in price as of today January 17th. Our monthly subscriptions will be as follows.

  • 3 Month Subscription: WAS $36.00 | NOW $38.00
  • 6 Month Subscription: WAS $72.00 | NOW $76.00
  • Year Subscription: WAS $144.00 | NOW $152.00

Additionally, due to the recent shipping increase it's no longer fusible to offer this service internationally. The amount we would have to charge would be double for our international customers. So starting today we'll only be offering this service domestically. We're sorry to have to cut this service to our international customers.

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