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You Be Stylin' :4 Easy Ways to Style Our Turban Headbands

Trends & gossipPosted by Gaetana Wednesday, September 23 2015 03:34PM
Fall is officially here and it's our favorite time for chunky sweaters, boots, scarves and our turban headbands. Here's 4 easy ways we love to style ours.

Push it Back

Super easy style where you push all your hair back and slide the turban on. Keeps all your hair out of your eyes. Features our Street Chic Turban Headband (Price: $14.00)

Swoop and Bun
This style is super easy. Simply part your hair, swoop the front and then put into a ponytail. From there put the ponytail into a bun. Add your turban for an added pop. Features our Safari Cheetah Turban Headband (Price: $14.00)

Push it Up

This style is perfect when it's unruly and you just don't know what to do.Grab your turban and some bobby pins. Grab your turban and flip your hair upside down.Put in the turban then grab your bobby pins and style your hair as desired. Now this all turban here. Simple bring the turban behind your ears,make sure the first wide band is flat on your hair then take the second band widen it along side the other band. The band can not be on top of each other as you normally would wear them. Do the same on the other side and wallah.

Keep it Straight
Simply part your hair as your normal would.Comb or brush then add your turban over you hair. Should be covering your ears with the wide bands over one another. This helps to keep your ears warm on thos cool fall days and cold winter morning. Features our Safari Cheetah Turban Headband (Price: $14.00)

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