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Our Dagger It Agate Antique & Gold Beaded Dangle earrings on The Vampire Diaries

In the PressPosted by Gaetana Saturday, October 04 2014 09:56AM
Did you catch it? The season premier of the Vampire Diaries. We've been post and hinting all over our Facebook page and Instagram about our opportunity for our earrings being on the show and the day finally arrived with the character Liv wearing our Dagger It Agate Antique & Gold Beaded Dangle earrings.

We can honestly say we're true fans of the show and don't miss an episode but the season premier we keep our eyes out for one character in particular.Liv. We're happy to say there were good shot of our Dagger It Agate Antique & Gold Beaded Dangle earrings.

In this scene she was having a very heated conversation with Tyler in regards to her twin brother. Can't get a better then that .Right?!?!

Another shot of Liv talking to Tyler but this one the camera is bit further back.

We don't know if she'll wear them again during the season but we'll keep our eyes out for her and our earrings.

Want a pair? Here's you chance to get a piece of the hit TV show. Available on our website.

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