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Satin Doll Cafe is the place to come to hear about all the events that Satin Doll had or participated in. To hear about the latest styles and fashion craves. A place to let off a little steam about the daily grind of the fashion industry.

Spring/Summer 2007 Jewelry Trends

Trends & gossipPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, January 02 2007 11:32AM

Jewelry, what woman ever has enough, not me. It seems as though every day my collection is getting bigger and with Satin Doll about to launch... I can see it now. I think I need to purchase more beautiful boxes to house them. For spring, look out for cute charm clusters which will be popular. Along with graduated wood beads, pieces with varied shapes combined together and pieces with pearls, wood, and metal. Oh I can't wait for spring to come, besides the fact of taking off the heavy winter gear. Beautiful jewerly awaits.

Ophelia - Music Note Charm Necklace (Available at for $202)Blog ImagePaste by Tracy Kahn - Miro Gold Chain Necklace (Available at for $101)Blog Image

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