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Pearls & Skulls Custom necklace

Custom Jewelry ProjectsPosted by Gaetana Saturday, May 28 2011 03:27PM
Back I believe in February or March me and my sister went to the Whole Bead Show at the Metropolitan Pavillian and while there I purchased some cool skulls beads that my sister wanted me to use to make her a necklace.Skip ahead to May and I finally got around to making her a cool necklace. (shown below)

Since she's into pearls too, I decided to combine the cool skull beads with white pearls. Definitely a necklace that she can wear all summer long if she wishes.

Now here's how I did it. The supplies I used was the following:

-Gold Tone Clasp
-Gold Tone Jumprings
-Gold Tone Crimp Beads
-White Pearls
-Multi-Colored Turquoise Skull Beads

Here's what I did to get the completed necklace necklace shown above.

I first cut the wire to the desired length that I would need for the necklace. I then attached the jumpring onto the clasp loop. From there I strung 1 crimp bead onto the wire and then bring the wire through the jumpring then through the crimp bead again and securing it close. This process attaches the wire to the clasp. From there I took 4 white pearl beads and strung it onto the wire, then taking one of the turquoise skulls beads and then 1 pearl. I alternated between the skull beads and the pearls until I used all the turquoise skull beads. From there I took 4 more pearls to finish off the pattern of the necklace. I then took another crimp bead then a jumpring and looped the wire through and bring it through the crimp bead.Then securing it close.

This completes the necklace. It's pretty simple to make and the results are beautiful. Definitely colorful yet chic necklace.

Do you have a idea and want a custom piece of jewelry?Contact us.We would love to hear from you and collaborate on a great custom piece.

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