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My name is Gaetana Parris fashion designer, business owner and blogger. I have a passion for all things fashion and design related. I started my blog back in 2007 and over time is have evolved to not only about fashion, trends, design but the love for my business, reading and planning. So sit back and enjoy.

Birdy Blue Custom Necklace & Earrings

Custom Jewelry ProjectsPosted by Gaetana Wednesday, May 25 2011 03:40PM
One of our favorite custom order customers contacted us with a request to make her a necklace for her upcoming birthday. She had no idea what she wanted, so she left it up to us to come up some ideas. Since we know her style so well, we sent her about 4-5 pictures of ideas and she really like 2. From the 2 she narrowed it down to the Birdy Blue Antique Brass necklace. (shown below completed)
So if you want to see how we made this gorgeous piece, read on.

So for this piece we used the following materials:

-Antique Brass Jump Rings
-Antique Brass Lobster Clasp
-Antique Brass Crimp Beads
-Antique Brass Flat Oval Chain
-2mm Antique Brass Spacer Beads
-Antique Bronze Plated Brass Filigree Wrap Connectors
-Antique Brass Bird Spacer Charms
-8mm Natural Aqua Blue Turquoise Round Beads
-Opaque Turquoise Matte Size 8 Czech Glass Seed Beads
-4mm Antique Brass Fancy Watermelon Spacer Beads

We first cut 6 piece of wire for the multiple layers of the necklace which we strung 100 of the Opaque Turquoise Matte Size 8 Czech Glass Beads onto each wire. To do this we use masking tape and taped one end onto a flat surface and strung the beads on the wire. We then strung all the necessary beads and then taped that down to keep it secure until we needed it. This we did with all 6 strands. (shown below)

Onto the next step. We then cut another piece of wire and connected it onto one of the connectors, securing it with a crimp bead. (shown below)

From there we strung a spacer bead, a Natural Aqua Blue Turquoise Round Bead,another spacer bead, then another Natural Aqua Blue Turquoise Round Bead, another spacer bead and lastly another Natural Aqua Blue Turquoise Round Bead.Finishing off the strand with a Bird Spacer Charm. We did the same with the second connector.(shown below)

From there we closed off the strand and connected it to a jump ring. We then took the brass chain that we cut the desired length and attached it to the jump ring. (shown below)

From there we undid one of the taped ends of the seed bead strands that we did earlier and attached a 4mm Antique Brass Fancy Watermelon Spacer Bead. (shown below)

We then attached that end to the to the brass connector strand we created earlier and secured it with a brass crimp bead. (shown below)

We took the other end which is still taped down and untaped it and added a 4mm Antique Brass Fancy Watermelon Spacer Bead like we did to the other end.We took that end and connected it to the other connector strand, making sure to put it in the same loop on the connector as we did with the other end.(shown below)

We then did this with the remaining 5 strands. After attaching all the strand we added the clasp. Here's a picture of the finished product. (shown below)
Here's a closeup of the bead strands and etc. (shown below)

Our customer is going to get such a surprise when she receives her necklace. We made a great pair of earrings for her FREE of charge with the some of the supplies we used to make the necklace. (Note: When you order a custom piece with Satin Doll & Co., you will ALWAYS receive a surprise piece FREE of charge) We call these earrings, Birdy Blue Antique Brass Dangle earrings. (shown below)
For these earrings we use all the same supplies we used in the necklace plus a head pins and ear wires. Here's how we made it.

We first took a head pin and added a bird spacer charm, a 8mm Natural Aqua Blue Turquoise Round Bead, then a 4mm Antique Brass Fancy Watermelon Spacer Bead, another 4mm Antique Brass Fancy Watermelon Spacer Bead and another 8mm Natural Aqua Blue Turquoise Round Bead.

We then attached a ear wire and connected it together. We took that head pin and attached a jump ring to the loop end of it.

From there we connected a connector to the jump ring. Now onto the chain, we cut 4 pieces of chain. 2 at shorter length then the other two.

Taking a jump ring we attached it the connector and added the longer chain and closed it off. Taking the end of the chain we just attached to the connector, we then added another jump ring and attached it to the connector at the opposite end. We did the same with smaller chain. This completes the earrings.

We did the same steps to make the other earring.

Aren't they gorgeous. We can't wait to receive the email from our customer. She's going to love them. Enjoy, Felicia!

Do you have a idea and want a custom piece of jewelry?Contact us.We would love to hear from you and collaborate on a great custom piece.

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