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Soap, Soap, and More Soap...

FeaturesPosted by Gaetana Monday, December 20 2010 06:00PM
In the past couple of months I've been buying a bunch of new scents of soaps from my favorite soap shop, the Soap Seduction. If you're a loving of handmade soaps then you're just going to love this blog post.

My last purchase was a new product introduced in the Soap Seduction Etsy shop called the Bucket-O-Fug Soaps.
When I first seen the listing for this, I knew I had to have it.You get 6 randomly chosen scents out of 9 scents available for only $10.00 which including shipping. When it arrived I had a ball with my younger sister smelling all the scents and figuring out the names. We both choose out the ones we like and left the rest to send my older sister as a part of her Christmas present. Definitely a item to purchase for yourself and/or as a gift for someone else.

I"m a huge fan of bath bombs and when I saw the Soap Seduction added the Honey Bubble Bomb I had to order them asap. I actually ordered two for good measure.
Firstly, they arrived nicely packaged in a white box with a pink bow.Very cute! Even though they were packaged in plastic you could still smell the yummy scent. Absolutely amazing! Very feminine,soft, luxurious and not overpowering. The descriptions say, "a delicious blend of ylang, orange blossom,jasmine, rose, lilac and honey. Yum is all I can say. Besides it smelling delicious it bubbles beautifully. The owner, Patricia recommends using it whole or over using half . I used half each time and it bubbles a entire bath tub of water,smells up the entire bathroom and turns the bath water a beautiful shade of yellow. I highly recommend this product and at $3.00 a great deal. I will definitely be ordering this item time and time again. The bubble bath bomb is also available in Me Time (Lavender and Amber.

I while back I ordered, Midnight Rendezvous Soap and it's to die for.
First off, the soap is so pretty with the shades of blue and purple with a hint of bling or glitter. This scent definitely goes on my top soaps list. It's very feminine, soft,girly, and sexy. The descriptions says, it's a blend of nap champa and ginger-lime. This soap is very moisturizing and lathers well like all of the Soap Seduction soaps. I highly recommend this scent.

Now this next soap is limited edition holiday scent and I will purchasing another bar before it disappears forever. Raspberry Hooray Limited Edition Holiday Soap
Now let just talk about the picture first off. Isn't it cute! Very cute and girly with the sprinkles on top. When I first received this scent I sat there for over 20 minutes just smelling the scent, no lie. My sister was looking at me like I was retarded but I didn't care. As usual, I cut the bar in half and I've been saving the other half because it smells that good and I don't want to use it all up. It's a sweet,girly, feminine and just delicious scent. The description says, it smells sweet and creamy like a gourmet chocolate cupcake. Let's just say it smell 10 times better then description describes.Take my word for it. Another wonderful soap I highly recommend and it being a limited edition holiday scent I say purchase it now before it's all gone. Don't walk, skip or hop.Run....

I recently received a bath salt in my last order as FREE GIFT so stay tuned for that review. I can't wait to try it out.

If you haven't check out the Soap Seduction yet I highly suggest you do. You find them on Etsy and on their Website.

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