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Bath Bomb Confections: Bath Bombs

FeaturesPosted by Gaetana Wednesday, November 03 2010 07:25PM

I've been on the hunt for some amazing bath bombs at a even great price for a while now. I ran across Bath Bomb Confection because one of their bath bombs were featured on the front page of . I clicked on the item and was surprised to see a wide selection of bath bombs for only $2.50 . That's a good price compared to some I've ran across. So I purchased 2 to start, Sexy Little Things and Coconut Lime.

They arrived quickly in really amazing condition despite the USPS mashing up the box. I really should of took a photo because it was crazy since the owner wrote FRAGILE on all 4 sides of the box and they still managed to rough up the box.But despite the rough handling the bath bombs arrived in perfect condition and nicely packaged too. I'm a sucker for great packaging. They smelled amazing, even through the packaging.

I first tried out Coconut Lime (shown above) as soon as I got home.I just couldn't wait. They smelled is amazing!!! The name describes the smell to the tea. Coconut and lime,so yummy. The color reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

So I dropped the bath bomb into a tub of running warm water and watched it fizz up and turn the water into a pretty shade of green. (Photo shown below) The smell was amazing and so refreshing. Not overpowering.Very light.

Tonight I tried out the Sexy Little Thing (shown below). The scent is very girly and delicate. Almost perfumeie but very light. The bath bomb fizzed up very good just like the Coconut Lime. It filled the bathroom with the scent and totally relaxed me after a very long day.
So if you're in the market for some amazing bath bombs, I highly recommend Bath Bomb Confections. Their scents go on and on, such as Calming Water, Tinsel, Jack, Bamboo, Rosemary Mint and Baby Powder. Bath Bomb Confections also offer their bath bombs in bulk so you'll never run out of bath bombs for your next bath. They offer bulks of a half a dozen, a dozen, and 2 dozens.

Go check them out Bath Bomb Confections, you won't be disappointed.

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