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Naps. Kinks. Love Hand Painted Custom Earrings

Custom Jewelry ProjectsPosted by Gaetana Monday, October 18 2010 08:00PM
I got the great opportunity to make a custom pair of earrings for Cia E. of Naps.Kinks.Love blog. She wanted a custom pair of earrings featuring the country of Africa with a lady,plus with the name of her blog all painted. I came up with 3 different designs and here's the design we agreed upon.

So I first took a wooden pendant/drop.
I then drew the sketch onto the wooden pendant/drop.

From the sketch,I painted in the sketch.
I then painted in Kinks in turquoise paint.Got it right after several tries.
I then painted in Love in pink paint.
Lastly I painted in Naps in purple pain.
Because the purple looked so dark to me I repainted Naps in a lighter shade of purple.

So here's what the earrings look completed in the darker shade of purple.
Now here's the final look of the earrings after I repainted Naps in the lighter purple. I'm sure Cia E. is going to love them.

Better right. Aren't they cute. Be sure to check out our Etsy shop, you might just find some hand painted earrings available in our shop for purchase.

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