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Etsy Day- April 24

Small Business TalkPosted by Gaetana Friday, April 24 2009 09:48AM
If you don't know let us be the first to tell you that today is the official Etsy Day. What exactly is Etsy Day? Well, it's a marketing blitz to raise awareness and create a buzz about .The whole idea is to create a mystery about Etsy and to educate the public by word of mouth in mass numbers without really telling them what it is. By getting the public to notice it everywhere and by also talking about it will cause people to research and find out exactly what Etsy is.

If you love handmade and support the cause then help raise awareness about Etsy. Here's some tips to help you raise awareness:

-Arrange to meet other fellow Etsians to hold a Etsy card as a sign

-Print out Etsy cards and post them in your local coffee shop,diner and etc.

-Tell your family, friends,neighbors,co-workers, and everyone you meet today about Etsy and encourage them to pass it on.
-Blog about Etsy Day

Today is not the day to promote your shop individually but Etsy as a whole.

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