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Etsy Finds: Mother's Day Cards

Trends & gossipPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, April 14 2009 08:12AM

Mother's Day is fastly approaching and if you're anything like me then your in the market for a beautiful card to express to your mother how much she means to you. Well don't worry, I did all the work for you.I have searched high and low for some of the best cards and card designers found anywhere. These cards are sure to make any mother happy.

Here's our Etsy Finds for Mother's Day Cards: for $2.50

For My Mom, scalloped circle greeting card (Available at for $3.00)

Mother's Day Card// The List (Available at for $3.00)

Happy Mother's Day single card-Poppies (Available at for $3.25)

Vintage Style Blank Note Card (Available at for $3.50)

Personalized Hand-Cut Mother's Day Card (Available at for $12.50)

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