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November Must Haves

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, December 05 2017 01:42PM
It truly amazes me how fast November came and went. Here we are in the first full week of December. I've been using most the same products or items every month but in November I switched up and this months favorites feature a true mix.From beauty to home to stationery to jewelry.
I've been into using wax melts for a minute now but recently I picked up Better Homes & Gardens wax melt in Spiced Woodland Currant and I'm in love. Actually everyone in my house loves it too.It gives just enough scent isn't overpowering. One square can literally burn for weeks before you have to add another one. I bought these at Walmart and it was cheap. Only $2 and some change. I highly recommend this brand of wax melts.

If you didn't know already but I'm a planner girl. Me and my Big Ideas or Create 365 has been putting out new sticker books like it's nobody's business. (Create 365™ The Happy Planner™ Value Pack Stickers, This Colorful Life) This one is now old since they have yet again come out with more but I was on the hunt to find this one along with others.I'm happy I found it. It has tons of stickers to do a weekly spread. The quality is great and the variety of stickers they have is well worth every penny. I got mine at Michael's for only $10 during some sale.

I'm a draw-er and with recently me introducing my new line of die cut dolls into my product assortment I've been drawing a LOT more. With that being said I've been using my Staedtler Mars plastic eraser again. This one is definitely from my college days. 14 years ago. Yeah, that long ago. I literally have a stash of them since I used to go through them so much while in school. If I remember correctly I got them from Staples since it was directly across the street from my school. I highly recommend them.

Just like my favorite brand of erasers I have a favorite pen that I love to line my drawings with. I recently switch back to my Pilot Precise V7 Rolling Ball pen in Fine from a Staples brand pen because it was bleeding through the paper. I love this pen because it doesn't bleed, makes precise lines like it's name and works on all different paper types. That was my problem with the Staples one. No match how much I love it it was killing me. I'm glad I switch and will only be using this pen for now on.
Now that it's no longer summer and fall/ winter is here in NY. There is no more wash n go's for the new future. So I've switched to doing twistouts when I wash my hair and then stretching it for another week before I wash my hair again. I've been using OGX Moisture + Vitamin B5 Weightless Oil Mist. It supposed to nourish them hair and fight frizz plus all that other stuff. I've been using it to add oil to my hair and help in combination with my moisturizer to help keep my hair moisturized. I love it and so does my hair. Not only does it help lock in moisture and does help fight frizz. Plus just like the bottle said it's weightless. So oil can weigh down your hair and leave it stiff as a board. This doesn't and I'll definitely be getting a new bottle soon because this one is literally almost done. You can find it at your local beauty supply, Target and Walmart.

With it now being fall/winter I have put away all my big earrings including my hoop earrings and have been wearing studs earrings again. Because it's just too cold for that and I love my earrings. I've been reaching for my White Opal Vintage Glass Stud earrings in conjunction with a basic pair of studs.The reason I love these so much is because they're white. Meaning they can go with anything. I just grab them and go.No fuss required. I highly recommend them and I' m not just saying this because I made them and are selling them. They're a must in a jewelry collection. You'll be thinking me later for sure.

Well this concludes my Must Haves for October. What are you loving?

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December/Christmas Bucket Lists

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Friday, December 01 2017 06:16AM
Happy December!!! Wow, how fast this year has went by. This month for many of us will be a busy one with getting ready for the Christmas and ringing in the new year. For that reason I decided to create not one to two bucket lists to make it a bit more fun.The first being our Winter Bucket List. Featuring tons of wintery actions like paint your nails a festive color. The list features about 30-32 different actions. Yours will come plain for you to decorate to your hearts desire. I used stickers and some plaid washi tape to give it some character.

To download, click the image below.
And our second bucket list being our Christmas Bucket list. Which you can make a fun family to do for the holiday season. This one I decorated with all thing Christmas from stickers to washi tape. It features about 30-32 actions that will keep you busy this holiday season.

To download, click the image below.
To print:

To print ,simply click print. Easy as 1-2-3.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or comment below.


P.S. Feel free to tag us on Instagram @SatinDollCo. We would love to see how you decorate and use your printable.

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December Journaling Cards

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, November 28 2017 11:36AM
I feel like I've been saying this every month but truly wow it's only days away from December. Really, where did the time go. Before we know it we'll be ringing in 2018.
Just like November, I decided to keep December pretty simple with only 2 options for journaling cards. One being the simple one and the other featuring a pair of snowflake mittens. Very festive without being in your face. I also did something quite different this month and put both journaling cards on sheet. So regardless of which one you choose to use. You'll print them on one sheet instead of two. With many of us using two or more planners. It's good to have a calendar in each for quick reference. So enough chit chat and onto the download.

To download, simply click on the image.
December Journaling Card

Mittens December Journaling Card

Enjoy and be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us if you use our journaling cards. Hashtag #satindollco .

Note: For personal use only.

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BWWPC Mega Sale Wish List Printable

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, November 21 2017 07:42AM
With Black Friday only days away I know everyone is making their lists and checking them twice to make sure they get all the deals and steals for this holiday season. I'm participating this year in the BWWPC Mega Sale and decided to create a printable that you can include your planner to make your shopping a bit earlier.
It features a complete lists of the participating shops with their discount percentage and shop url. Very convenient.
The next page features a wish list printable that you can write down the shop name and percentage plus item(s). So convenient and will be a life saver for me. It's quick and easy to download and only available in personal size unfortunately.

Now to download.

To download click on either image. Both pages come in the one download.

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October Must Haves

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, November 07 2017 10:49AM

Wow, it has been a good couple of months since I've done a favorites blog post. Nevertheless, I have some items that I've been loving all through October. I included a little bit of everything from beauty, to hair care, jewelry and some stationery items. So enough chit chat because I can already tell this is going to be a long one.

My first item is one of these portable perfume holders. I really don't know the name of it. It's good if you have a big bottle of perfume and you transfer it into this and now you can take your perfume on the go with you. No more roller balls. It even has a spray nozzle. You simply take the spray nozzle off your big bottle of perfume and put this contraption on top and keep pushing down until the contraption is full. I love it and it being a pretty rose gold color is an added plus. It's the size of basic lipstick.
Recently with the expansion of my Stationery line I've been drawing a lot more. With that being said I was using a Staples brand pen to line my drawing and it was bleeding through the paper. It didn't matter what type of paper it was. It bleed through it all. So I searched my supplies and came across this Pilot Precise V7 Roller Ball in Fine Point.I love it. It's smooth, doesn't bleed and leave my lines perfect. I'll never line with any other pen ever.

Recently, Nicki Minaji and MAC teamed up with each other to do a full on collection. Now when I saw this I had to jump on it. Number one the packaging is to die for. Yes, I'm a packaging junkie. Two the color is everything.
This one is Nicki's Nude. On MAC's website it is described as soft corally pink.
I absolutely adore this color. It's a corally pink but not on the summery coral pink side. It's a more wearable color that you can wear everyday. Which I sometimes do. I pair it with a pink lip liner and a brown lip liner. No gloss is need in my opinion. You can add more brown lip liner to make it more earthy. More pink liner to make it more pink.It's very versatile. Go and get it.A must for any makeup junkie.
With it officially fall now. I've been deepening the colors of my lipsticks.With that being said I had to whip out my Whirl MAC lipstick.
It's described on the MAC's website as a dusty rose and they couldn't be more correct. I pair it with Whirl Lip liner and a brown lip liner. The perfect fall lip color. Plus it's a matte finish but still super moisturizing. One of my go-to colors. Definitely a must in any makeup collection.

First off Happy Birthday to all my Scorpios. I go through periods were I wear necklaces and then I don't. I've been in a necklace wearing mode and my go-to piece has been my Scorpio Brass Golden Chain necklace available on my website. Besides the fact that it goes with just about anything. It's also a conversational piece. I literally had people start a whole conversation about Scorpios.Like really. But anyway.I've been loving it to death.

I go through hair products like nobodies business. So when I ran out my old moisturizer I went through my stash and found this True by Made Beautiful Hydrating Hair Butter. I never noticed until today that is says it's for 3c | 4b/c hair. My hair is mix combination of 3b, 3c and 4a if you can believe that.
It's a creamy, light weight mixture that my hair loves. I do the LOC method when I was my hair and I use this moisturizer after I do that. Because it's water based and not too heavy my hair loves it and absorbs it nice. I use it on my hair when it's wet and when it's dry. It leaves my hair light and well moisturized. Add a oil to seal and I'm good to go. I'll definitely be buying another one when this one is done. Oh and I totally forgot to mention how good it smells. Delicious. You can find it a your local beauty supply store, Target and Walmart.

Now a while back I ran out my hair styler/moisturizer and went in my stash and came across this. I was like hmmm, let me give it a try. Olive Oil ORS Smooth-N-Hold Pudding is the business. It's hydrating, plus has a good hold it and makes the perfect styler.

Like it's name it has a pudding consistency. I've used it to style my hair while it's wet, and when it was dry. Plus, I've done a wash n go with it. Through it all it has performed perfectly.It's like a 3 in 1 product. I only hope when this one is done I can find it in stores.

I've come to learn that I'm a gel pen type of girl. Move over the regular bullet pen. This one is pretty generic gel pen from Dollar Tree the Jot brand in a 0.7 mm point. It writes so smooth and doesn't bleed through any type of paper. A win-win for me.
I'm totally in love with this page marker I made for my planner. Would you believe it's from a makeup palette box. Yes, a makeup palette box. I added a Heidi Swapp pocket on this side to hold my monthly calendar and a die cut.
The other side features another pocket of cardstock and holds extra stickers. I decorated the pocket with varies die cuts from several Stationery brands. All I did was laminate it to make it sturdy. You can search on Youtube how to make a page marker. It's super easily and I shared on my Instagram stories while I was making it .

Finally, my last favorite is my Head in a Planner Die Cut. She available for personal use in my Facebook Group. The story behind her is, she was supposed to be one of my very first die cuts. When I print her out with all the others she printed like this. She just won't print me for anything. I've kept her in my planner ever since. Since I recently got a laminator I laminated her so she's protected.

Well this concludes my Must Haves for October. What are you loving?

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November Journaling Cards

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Friday, October 27 2017 10:04AM
November is only days away and like the leaves falling it time to update our journaling cards. For November, I kept it pretty simple. A simplistic one and the other featuring 3 leaves in fall colors.
Just like previous months I cut mine with a scalloped scissors to add a decorative edge.One will be going in the front of my TN shown above and another will be going in a pocket in my recollections everyday planner. Don't think too hard about it. Have fun with it.

Now on downloading them.

To download, simply click on the image.

November Journaling Card

Leaves November Journaling Card

Enjoy and be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us if you use our journaling cards. Hashtag #satindollco .

Note: For personal use only.

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Fall Trend To Try Now: So Sweet

Trends & gossipPosted by Gaetana Friday, October 20 2017 11:17AM
Fall 2017 isn't just about the usual deep and earthy tones. From lavender to pale pink, pastels add a reserved touch to any look.
Feminine Glow Silver Plated necklace

Feminine Innocence Rose Quartz necklace

Girly Delight Pearl earrings

Rose Dawn Glass Pearl necklace

Rose Quartz Glass Pearl necklace

Glamour Goddess Stretch bracelet

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MadeWithSouthernLuv: Ebony Queen Box

FeaturesPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, October 17 2017 11:08AM
My company had the rare opportunity to apart of a curated box of planner goodies and we couldn't pass it up. The seller behind the entire concept is MadewithSouthernLuv. You can find her on Etsy and her shop feature a wide variety of stickers and die cuts in a wide selection. She came up with the name Ebony Queen Box which I just adore and the very first box is a play off the box name and color palette. As a contributor, I was sent a box. I was super excited to receive mine and finally see what everyone contributed. Seeing it in bits and pieces is great but seeing it as a whole is amazing. So enough chit chat and let's get into the unboxing of the very first box of the Ebony Queen Box.

The box feature a variety of sticker sheets, washi tape samples, bookmarks, paper, TN books, die cuts and charms. And the retail price for this box was $30 I believe. Well worth it since sticker sample sheets and sticker kits can range from $3- $16 depending the seller. TN booklets can cost $3 and up depending the on the seller.So you get the drift. So let's dive into the box.

The first small items in the box are 4 samples of washi tape in gold and white. Perfect to putting in a zipper pocket of your planner or inside the secretarial pocket of your planner for easy use.

The next item is one of many die cuts included in the box. It features a cute naturalista dolls with her planner, pen and phone. Love her. She's by Cocos Vision with u n Mind.

The next is another die cut but this one is by Simply Me, Kish. She so fly with her crown, heart sunglasses and her name plate necklace.smiley

I totally forgot this was being included in the box because I was just saying to myself the other day I need a extra pen loop. It's by Ronda's Planner Accessories . I love the earthiness of it and it will go perfectly with my current planner setup.

The first of many stickers sheets included in this box is by QT Planner Co. It features 3 full boxes, 3 appointment boxes, 1 half box, a movie marquee, 3 flags, habit tracker and deco. Plenty to do a weekly spread. Add washi and you're good to go.

Another die cut but this one is by Cr8tively Chic. She a cute naturalista dolls looking fashionably and rocking a gold grown. You can't get any cuter than her.

The next features a laminated book with a gorgeous black and gold box. It says "Her courage was her Crown and she wore it like a Queen". And features a black girl rocking her natural hair with a crown on .Perfection. Can't wait to add her to my planner. It's by Jens Crafty DesignsCo .

The next one features a die cut and sticker set by Goldmine & Coco . What I love about this one is how unique the dolls are with her head wrap and dress holding her crown in her hand. She provided two skin tones too. Light and dark. I don't think I could ever use the stickers because I can't get a replacement.

Avalon & Ninth included a nice sample sheet of stickers which can be used with another sheet in this box to do a entire weekly spread. It features 3 scalloped half boxes, a lined half box, 2 banners, a laundry sticker, a scale sticker, a post it sticker and a circle heart sticker.

MadeWithSouthernLuv included two stickers sheets (a full kit) in the color palette of the box. Perfection! Features flag checklists, weekend banner, icons, written icons, headers, 2 habit trackers, 2 bills due, little things, 4 half boxes, 1 full box, 3 appointment labels, 1 4 heart checklist box, and one weekly habit tracker.

The next features a TN insert booklet for pocket size by City Girl Planners . The inside features 4 different inserts. Shops to Try pages.
Shops to Buy pages.
Favorite Shops pages.
And finally Happy Mail pages. The booklet makes the perfect addition to any new or existing planning TN system.

This next sticker sheet is by darcydoodles . These stickers remind me of the Sunday comic stripes in the Sunday newspaper. So fun. Features 4 characters,3 appointment labels, 3 littler things, icons, 6 statement stickers. Love the assortment of statement stickers.

The next item was our item we designed and contributed to the Ebony Queen Box. It's a planner charm in the rich tone of brown, gold and brass.We actually created 3 different style.The one difference between the three it the little charm dangling.This one features a brass ornate drop while the other style features a gold beaded drop or a brass evil eye charm. Perfect to dangle from the front,side or top of your planner.

I think this sticker sheet by Pandabird Design is one of my personal favorites from the box. You see that full box at the very top left hand corner.LOVE it!!!! So this sticker sheet features 2 full box, 4 checklists, 2 half boxes, 4 scalloped stickers, headers, a movie marquee, a weekend banner and some little icon stickers.

The next is by Paper Shae and features a personal size TN Lined Notebook with the coolest gold crown cover. Even after I finish this booklet I will cut the front cover and back cover and include in my planner as dashboards.

The paper is lined and enough room to write. The paper is thick and smooth like butter. Very good quality.

The second to last item in this box is a double sided paper by Kuumba Life Designs. This paper is fire.

One side features a Melanin Queen print.
While the other side features a gold crown print. Perfect to use in your planner as a dashboard.

Last but not least is by xquistesoul . If you're old enough to remember the paper dolls from back in the day then you'll love these stickers.She took that exact idea but put it in a sticker form.Love it. Features two dolls and enough clothing and accessories to dress her to the nines.

Now this concludes my unboxing of the very first MadeWithSouthernLuv Ebony Queen Box. We will be contributing to the next box. No I can't tell you the theme, the colors, or what's going to be inside but I can tell you it will be everything. The first box sold out in the first day and only lasted maybe the half the day. There was so much demand that the number of boxes has been increased. So run to MadeWithSoutherLuv's Instagram and go follow her so you'll be in the know when the next box drops. You definitely don't want to left out in the cold.

Which item is your favorite out of the entire box?

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