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December Must Haves

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, January 17 2017 09:56AM
I still can't believe we're in 2017. When people used to say as you get older the year and years go by faster they weren't lying. As a kid the summers used to feel like they lasted forever. December was here and gone so fast that I had to really think what was I used that month. I managed to remember what I was using and loving all month long.
From fashion to skin care to hair care I managed to pull some of my coveted items.

Let's start with my planner. It's a Recollections Creative Year Solid Planner in metallic ivory which you can purchase at Michaels. With December being full of so many activities plus the holidays and my parent's anniversary on New Year's Eve this baby kept me organized and sane.Too bad it couldn't help with burnout. If you're into planners I highly recommend it. It can hold a lot and the rings haven't given me any issues. To get a look at how I used it, check out my 2017 Planner blog post.
With it being the colder months, I've really been into earthier colors when it comes to nail polish. For the entire month of December I was rocking Essie's nail polish in Very Structured. It's a neutral color that I think would look good on all skin tones. I love it! I'll will be rocking this color when the months become warmer too for sure.
I will confuse that I'm bad when it comes to moisturizing my skin. I've come to realize that I had a bad habit of bathing, towel drying and then putting on my pj's at night. Sometimes you're just too tired to bother. With the colder months and the air being so dry it was literally drying out my skin. Regular lotions were not working.The only thing that keep my skin moisturized is Palmer's Cocoa Butter. It has saved my skin. Thank god.

I already shared with you a while back my favorite moisturizer for my hair. Here's my favorite conditioner hands down.I use this in combination with other conditioners but my hair would not survive anytime especially these winter months without it. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist is a must in any hair routine. My hair feels moisturized and easy to detangle after using it. Don't walk, run and get yourself a bottle.

No matter how you feel about the Kardashian/Jenner family they sure know how to make products that sell. Kylie has done her thing when it comes to her makeup brand. My sister gave me this lip gloss in Like when she got her replacement with the new wand. Let's not talk about how f-uped this wand is but the product in the tube. With it being colder I rarely wear a full face of makeup except eye liner, mascara, lip balm and this lip gloss. It's described on the website as a ultra-pigmented, lustrous gloss in a warm mocha brown. It's true to it's description. Hands down the perfect lip gloss for a bare face if you want to add a bit of something to your lips. Even with lipstick underneath it's a perfect match. It literally last for hours through eating. The lip gloss is still there going strong.Good job, Kylie. This lip gloss lives in my bag and makeup bag. It has replaced all my other favorite lip glosses.

I'm not going to lie to you when I say the weather here in NY has been bipolar.One minute it's cold,then hot, then cold, then arctic. With that my lips have been taking a beating. If I don't have a lip balm on they're getting chapped which leads me to biting my lips. Nivea A Kiss of Milk and Honey has been saving the day. Hands down the best lip balm around. It definitely keeps up with NY's bipolar weather conditions.
I moved into my thicker and bulkier coat in December which means who has time to carry a handbag. I love my handbags I really do but I love my fingers more. I've taken my sister's crossed body bag from H&M as my own a while back when my Forever 21 one went bye bye. I just carry the essentials and go. If it can't fit inside this bag I'm not carrying it.
This card case is my baby. From the time I created my Cognac Card Case I moved my business cards, ID, and store cards into it. It is a essential and I no longer carry a wallet because of it.They're just too bulky and if I was using one it wouldn't fit inside the cross body bag. It's super light weight and compact. Chic and sleek. You don't have to feel self conscious about pulling it out because of how fashionable it is.

And this completes my December Must Haves. I wanted to include so many other items but they sold out I guess during the holiday season and it would be a waste to include if you couldn't go out and purchase it if you liked it. Time will only tell what I'll include in January Must Haves. You'll have to wait and see. What did you love for December.

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Pantone Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

Trends & gossipPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, January 10 2017 11:31AM
Every year Pantone forecasting a new color for the year. For 2017, they have forecast a green which they call Greenery. They describe the color as a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature's green revive. Which is the perfect description for it. Being a green lover I couldn't be happier with the choice for this year.

If you want to shop the "It" color for the year at Satin Doll & Co. Here's our top 6 picks that fit Pantone's Color of the Year.

Mother Earth Acrylic Silver Plated Chain necklace | Garden Greens Agate Silver Tone Chain necklace |Sage Me Mother of Pearl and Jasper Beaded Stretch bracelet | Gator Lemon Jasper Glass and Azurite Stretch bracelet | Chartreuse Turban Headband | Green Opal Vintage Glass Gold Plated Stud earrings

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2017 Planner

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Friday, January 06 2017 12:38PM
With a new year upon us I decided to share my planner and all the nuts and bolts that I will be using for 2017.

In the fall of 2016, I switched to my Recollections Creative Year Solid Planner in metallic ivory. I love it so much that I plan on being it for the entire 2017. You can find it at your local Michael's or online(which is currently out of stock).

I changed the inside of my planner for the coming year. The dividers I made from Target Dollar Spot folders and cut them down to size for my planner. The pockets feature an array of Target Dollars Spot post its and post it notes. The secretary pocket features miscellaneous stickers that can be used on the go from Michaels Recollections collection. The girl with mug I made from a illustration from a illustrator (@nichollekobi) I found on Instagram that I adore. I recolored her with photoshop to look more like myself. The pen is a Target Dollar Spot pen. Despite what you hear I like the Target pens.
In this first section you have this 2017, This is Your Year. It's from The Charmed Shop . A free downloadable printable that you can fill in each area with 7 goals for the year. Genius Miss Trenchcoat. Genius! Download it here.
After that I have the 2017 Calendar overview from Wendaful. You can download it here.

I then have a print out for all the US Holidays for 2016- 2018 from Green & Lyme. You can download it here.
This next printable is Important Dates for the entire year from SewMuchCrafting. You can download it here. Love this. I'm good with birthday but other important dates sometimes go right over my head. This is going to be super helpful.
Then I have a free downloadable printable from Strange Charmed with a list of A Resolution a Day. Which I'm failing right now to mark off. You can download it here.
This next sheet is a January overview sheet which features a mantra, important dates, monthly goals, and reading list. It's from Strange Charm is apart of the printable with A Resolution a Day. Perfect for writing out everything for the month.
From there I go into my monthly calendars which I decorate and forward plan with. They're from Wendaful and can be download here.
After my monthly calendars are my week on 2 pages from Wendaful. I made a page marker from a leftover folder that I used to make my dividers. I used a Today sticker from Heidi Swapp and put some page flags for easy access. You can download the printable here.
Right after the page maker I took a page of grid paper from a Recollections booklet and cut it in half. I used stickers from Me & My Big Ideas Create 365 1829 pieces sticker book to create an area to list additional to-dos, shopping list, bills that need to be paid, dinner menu and a weekly task list. I started this mid-year last year and I highly recommend it.
This next divider is more for note taking and was made from the same pack of folders from the Target Dollar Spot.
On the backside of that divider I have a Heidi Swapp Receipt Pocket which you can get from Michaels. In this section I have a couple of sheet of To-Do lists which came with my planner.

Also a couple of pages of lines paper that I got from Target Dollar spot which I cut down and punched.

In this next section, I have a lot of important information (ie: telephone numbers, doctor information,password log and etc.)
This first printable is telephone log from Green and Lyme that you download here.The next two sheets are my Online Order Tracker and Wish List. Which are both from Wendaful. Love them!

I have a million and one books I want to read but before I get there I must read the books on this list first. This Books to Read printable is from Wendaful and can be downloaded here. To see what I have on this list to read for 2017, go to my blog post "A Look Back on 2016 Reading Challenges ".

This next printable for 2017 Goals for the Year I can not for the life of me locate the source but if you would like to print it out feel free to shoot me an email. I'll happily email it to you.
I then have a running Festival Checklist which I got off of Pinterest. You can find a variety there.
I then have a bucket list for Fall and for Winter using stickers from me & my Big ideas 1557 Seasonal sticker book.

I then have sheets of the Recollections grid paper for jotting down more lists.

This next section featuring a couple of foldout printables. The post its and page flags are all from the Target Dollar Spot. Yes I'm a bit obsessed but they come in handy when you have to jot something down.
This first one is 2017 Fold Out printable from Peanuts Planner Co. I haven't figured out exactly what I'm going to use it for yet. You can get download it here.
I've been on the hunt for a online sales tracker for a while now that has everything I need on one page. I finally found it at PapierMyDay on Etsy. I purchased it for $4.75 and it's worth is so much in my opinion because it's a life saver for me. You can get it here.
The second foldout is from Strange Charmed and it's the 2017 Yearly Overview Printable. Which I started to use to mark my blog post and my schedule for each day if something major was going on. You can download it here.

I forgot to photograph the Quarterly Etsy Stats which are from Green & Lyme. You can download it here. It's great to have the stats of your website and Etsy on hand.
To round off this section I have a Keeping Track of My Social by Recollections . It's part of their new inserts for their zipper planners. This section came from the Boss Inserts. I gave the rest to my sister.It came with a section for Client List, Invoices, and Appointments.You can find them at Michaels.
In this last section I have everything pertaining to my blog. This insert is called the Blog Brainstorm which features a couple of lines to jot down ideas then a calendar below. Super great to schedule blog post for the month. They're from Cort in session and can be downloaded here. Note: the inserts were made for 8x11 paper. So I reduced the size to either 50% or 75% to fit my planner.
Following that I have two pages worth of blog ideas that I found on Pinterest. I scoured all over and took ideas that I knew that I would want to blog about in the future in case I don't know what to blog that particular day. Super helpful and good to have on hand.
To finish off my planner I have a folder that I made from a Target Dollar Spot folder which holds any random pieces of pieces . It's great to have in my planner.
Lastly, I have one of the dividers that came with my planner so that the pages before it don't get too damaged.

This completes my look into my planner for 2017. It's super functional with a bit of cute. Otherwise I would be a disorganized mess. With it only being January a ton more could be put into it in the months ahead. Maybe in a couple of months if things change I'll do a update look. Until then this is my planner.

I would love to see your planner. Feel free to post a photo of what you're using for 2017, your Youtube channel, and/or Instagram.

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Three's the Charm Mother of Pearl Rose Gold Necklace & Earrings

Custom Jewelry ProjectsPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, January 03 2017 09:25AM
Every year the JET Team (Jewelry on Etsy Team) hosts a Secret Santa among the team and I had the honor of swapping a handcrafted piece(s) to Nancy of NancyCrystalFantasy on Etsy. Like usual there is a criteria to design by based on the swap preferences. So let's go behind the design on the beautiful pieces I design for Nancy.

I first started pulling beads based on her color preferences. She love purple, turquoise stones, and shades of turquoise. I then searched her shop to see her exact jewelry style because you would hate to design something that didn't fit someone. Also based on her necklace length preference that she loved longer necklaces.So I whipped out some rose gold chain and gold plated findings too. The piece I finally decided to make is on the simpler side but will be just as beautiful.
I then got to work cutting the chain for the base of the necklace. She loves necklaces at least 18' inches long. So I cut one piece of chain at 18-21' inches.
I then found the middle of that piece of chain and add a connector which would connect the next part of the necklace.
I then cut three additional pieces of chain in various lengths. You'll see why.
After a ton of consideration and playing with bead combination I went with the purple mother of pearl discs. I attached a jump ring to three and then attached them to the gold chains.
I then took another jump ring and strung on the longest chain first and then put the remaining two chains on either side of it.I then attached that jump ring to the connector which is attached to the main part of the necklace. Almost done.
To finish off the piece I attached a toggle clasp.
Now to work on the semi-matching earrings. Since you can't wear a necklace without any. I took the purple glass beads 3 to exact since we're doing things in threes. I put three of those on a head pin.
Close off the top part with a ear wire.Looking good. One more step and they're completed.
I then took a jump ring with another mother of pearl disc.
Attached them to the main part of the earring and they're completed.
A closer look at the bottom half of the necklace.
The necklace might be simplistic but it's simply breathtaking. I loved this piece so much that I gift my godmother a similar version for Christmas with the matching earrings. Check out our previous Custom Jewelry Projects, "Keeping It Simple Carnelian Rose Gold Plated Set" .

Here's both pieces together. I hit this one out of the ballpark. Nancy adored the the pieces and love the color and design. Mission accomplished.smiley

For your custom order, feel free to email us at . We would love to work with you and help your idea come to life.

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A Look Back on 2016 Reading Challenges

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Friday, December 30 2016 12:41PM
As 2016 comes to a close it's time to look back on my reading challenges and see how I did for the year.

This year I put myself up to two challenges. One being my 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge where my goal for the year was to read 200 books. The other was the PopSugar 2016 Reading Challenge. Let's first start with my Goodreads challenge results.
To date, which today is December 30th I've read 115 books. So I didn't quite reach my goal this year unfortunately but I think I'm closer than the 115 shown. Because this year I read a ton of box sets which included 3-6 books. So technically I read closer to my 200 goal but since Goodreads counts box sets as 1 book I failed. I'm determined, so for 2017 I'll set my goal at 200 books yet again. I think what also slowed me down was the PopSugar Reading Challenge since I had to read certain books to fit a criteria. Feel free to follow me on Goodreads here.

No onto my the PopSugar Reading Challenge.
As you can see from the list there are 40 different types of books to read. What I love about the challenge is it made me read outside my comfort zone. In total I read 25 books out the 40. Which is pretty good. Each month I did a wrap up to keep me account for the challenge. In July was my last wrap up. I was still reading books on the list but totally forgot to do a blog post for them. After a while it became harder and harder to find books to fit what was on the list. Plus some of the books I chose I just couldn't finish truthfully.

So here's my year end wrap up of what I actually did read for the challenge.

*A book based on a fairy tale: Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover
*A YA bestseller: Crystal Magic by Madeline Freeman
*A book set in your home state: In Two Weeks by Jen Talty
*A romance set in the future: A Viking's Peace by Zoe York
*A book set in Europe: Reckless Nights in Rome by CC Mackenzie
*A book that's under 150 pages: For Bear or For Worse by Meredith Clarke
*A New York Times bestseller: Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard
*A book you can finish in a day: Anna's Contract by Deva Long
*A book that's more than 600 pages: The Islander's Box Set Books 1-4 by Helen Conrad
*A science-ficton novel: Taken by Erica Conroy
*A book recommended by a family member: Shaw by Anna Hackett
*A graphic novel: The Walking Dead #1 by Robert Kirkman
*A book that is published in 2016: Never, Never by Colleen Hoover
*A book with a protagonist who has your occupation: By Design by Jayne Denker
*A book that takes place during Summer: The Summer I Learned to Drive by Shannon McCrimmon
*A book and its prequel: Mending Hearts and Running Places by L.B. Simmons
*A murder mystery: Death by Marriage by Jaden Skye
*A dystopian novel: Awakening by C.B. Stone
* A book with a blue cover: Barbarian's Touch by Ruby Dixon
*An autobiography: Confidante : The Brothel by Lillian Anderson
*A book about a road trip: The Road to Price by Justine Elvira
*A book about a culture you're unfamiliar with: The Thorn by Beverly Lewis
*A satirical book: Almost in Love by Kylie Gilmore
*A book that takes place on an island: Appaloosa Summer by Tudor Robins
*A book that's guaranteed to bring you joy: Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

So the question is will I try the PopSugar Reading Challenge again for 2017. Nah, I'll pass. If I come across a different challenge maybe. Anything is possible.

I currently have 4 physical books that I need to read. I started 3 of the books already and keep on putting them down. I think it's because it's in physical form instead of on my kindle. I plan on reading those first before I start anything on my kindle. Hopefully by using Wendalful's reading list insert it will help to keep me on track.
You can download and print the insert here.

And this completes my look back at my reading for 2016. I plan on doing way better in 2017. Hopefully no reading slumps hit me like this year.

What's your reading goals for 2017?

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Winter Bucket List

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Wednesday, December 28 2016 10:49AM
Winter is here with a vengeance and since I had fun marking things off my Fall bucket list. I decided to do it again but this time for winter.

I used a blank sheet of graphic paper in my planner and used stickers from Create 365 The Happy Planner Seasonal Value Pack Stickers to create this bucket list. I made sure to include items that I would actually do realistically.

The first on this bucket list is holiday shopping which is done because Christmas has come and gone. Drink hot chocolate is a easy one. Following read holiday books. Once I finish the three books I started but haven't finished yet.I'll definitely do that. Wrap Christmas Gifts, done. Pick a tree, done. Bake cookies, done. Wear matching pjs, I'll have to do this one with my sis. Watch a holiday movie, done. See Christmas lights, done.

As you can see I'm basically halfway through the list. But nevertheless, I'll check back at the end of winter so you can see my progress.

Are you doing a bucket list for winter? If so, what's on your list?

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Keeping it Simple Carnelian Rose Gold Plated Set

Custom Jewelry ProjectsPosted by Gaetana Friday, December 23 2016 01:41PM
It's that time of the year again where I close off the year with my very last custom order which just so happens to be my godmother's Christmas present. Like always I'm stumped as ever but I do know her style of choice is earthier pieces. It just so happens that before this piece I worked on my secret Santa for the JET team. So that piece led me to this piece which is a take on that piece. Simplistic in design but yet so chic and sophisticated.

I first broke out with my supplies.Which consisted of carnelian teardrop beads, rose gold plated chain, gold plated jump rings and ear wires.
I then took the bigger jump rings and put them through the holes of each of the carnelian tear drops.
From there it's time to start cutting the chain. I cut 6 pieces in 3 different lengths for the earrings so that the carnelian teardrops all hang at different lengths.
I then attached the chains to 3 of the carnelian with the jump rings. Then attached another jump ring to the ear wire.
From there I put the longest chain on the jump ring with ear wire and the remaining two on. One on each side to give it a gradual length change.
And the earrings are completed. Aren't they beautiful?!?! Now onto the matching necklace.

I cut the chain to the necklace length I wanted.Then attached a jump ring to one end and a lobster clasp to the other. I did the same exact thing as I did with the earrings and cut three piece of chain in various lengths and attached it to the carnelian teardrops with the jump ring attached.
Just like the earrings I put the longest chain in the middle and the two remaining chains one on each side. All hanging from one of the bigger jump rings.
This part is the most tedious part of the entire process because I want it to be perfect. Finding the exact middle of the necklace chain. After about 5 or maybe 10 minutes I finally found the exact middle and attached the jump ring with carnelian/chain to a small jump ring which was attached to the necklace in the middle.
And the necklace is completed.

And the set is completed. I adore this piece so much that you might be seeing these earrings soon on our website after the New Year.

I won't know what my godmother thinks until Christmas Day or the day after due the mail. Keeping my fingers crossed since I went with a simpler piece then normal. What do you guys think?

For your custom order, feel free to email us at . We would love to work with you and help your idea come to life.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

Trends & gossipPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, December 20 2016 10:55AM

Tick tock, it's only days until Christmas. Are you feeling the crunch? Don't worry,we got you covered when it comes to stocking stuffers and all those last minute gifts. Here's our top picks.

1. Earring of the Month Club (3 Months / 6 Months / 1 Year Subscriptions) | 2. Satin Doll Gift Certificate ( $10 GC/ $25 GC / $50 GC) | 3. Walk on the Wild Side Traveler's Notebook Bookmark | 4. Bare Essentials Pyramid Stud set | 5. Floral Flowers Vintage Japanese Porcelain Gold Plated Stud earrings | 6. Uptown Girl Pearl Stud set | 7. Petal Pusher Butterfly Glass and Acrylic Beaded Dangle earrings | 8. Jet Black Leather Card Case

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