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Satin Doll Cafe is the place to come to hear about all the events that Satin Doll had or participated in. To hear about the latest styles and fashion craves. A place to let off a little steam about the daily grind of the fashion industry.

Trending: Yellow

Trends & gossipPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, July 04 2017 09:30AM
Keeping ahead of the hottest trends can be exhausting. That's what we're here for. If you've been notice a lot of yellow lately your eyes aren't deceiving you. Yellow is bold, eye catching and screaming SUMMER. If you don't want to wear head to toe yellow how about adding splashes of it with your jewelry. Here's a couple of pieces that can be found at Satin Doll & Co.

Sunny Buddha Howlite Glass and Wood Beaded Stretch bracelet

Regal Extravagance Czech Fire Polish and Glass Beaded earrings

Earthy Rays Howlite and Jasper Beaded Stretch bracelet

Mustard Suede Tassel earrings

Yellow Color Burst India Glass earrings

Sunrise Gold Tone Mother of Pearl Beaded Harem bracelet

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Freebie Friday: Get it Clean Printable

Trends & gossipPosted by Gaetana Friday, June 30 2017 06:59AM
If you're like me and tend forget when you did something last then you're going to love my Get it Clean Planner Printable. I created it last year to help myself keep track of doing daily/weekly cleaning tasks around the house.
In the daily section it features a chart with lines to list the tasks you want to do daily and boxes Monday to Sunday to mark as you go. Below that you have another box with lines to mark off weekly tasks.
As you can see it's a super easy and clean layout that you can use weekly. Starting next week I'll start using it again in my planner.

It's currently only available in personal size but if you would like it in another size, feel free to ask. To download click below and enjoy.

Get it Clean -Personal

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Summer Bucket List

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, June 27 2017 10:16AM

Summer is officially here and it's time to make another bucket list. With that said let's get to work.
For this I'll be using my Me and My Big Ideas 1557 Seasons sticker book plus some yellow and lemon washi tapes I picked up at a NYC Planner Addicts meetup yesterday.
For this I"m using a piece of graph paper because graph paper is life. I first laid down the washi to add a bit of color. I then when into the summer section in the sticker book and choose the acting stickers. I placed those randomly on the paper. I then added some of the deco stickers and one sunshine & summertime stickers. And I'm done.
This is not even half of what I want to do this summer but making ice cream, eating outside, seeing a concert in the park and taking a road trip is a good start.

What's on your summer bucket list? Feel free to share.

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Thank You

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Friday, June 23 2017 02:05PM
With only 2 more days to our 10th anniversary I wanted to sit down and write an open letter to you guys saying thank you. Yes, a thank you letter addressed to each and everyone one of you. Because without you guys supporting, loving and purchasing Satin Doll products there would be no Satin Doll & Co. Each day I get up and is able to do what I love because you guys . That's why I love doing giveaways. It's my way to give back.

In those 10 years I've only lost one order (knock on wood), only taken one month long break/ vacation, and taken maybe a day here or there when sick. You guys have been very considerate during those times. Thank you.

When it comes to custom orders, you guys are so creative and it's been a pleasure working with you to design each and every piece. It still amazes me what ideas you guys come up with. Thank you for letting me be the one to create these amazing pieces. Each and every one of them. It has been my pleasure.

With that all being said. THANK YOU!!!! To 10 more amazing years.

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10 Years in Business & What I Learned

Behind Satin DollPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, June 20 2017 06:39AM

Satin Doll & Co. turns 10 years old in the matter of days and it has me reflecting to everything that has happened in those 10 years. With any business of this age it has its highs and its lows. Most don’t make it past the 6 month mark let alone the 10 year mark. So today’s blog post is dedicated to what I’ve learned in those 10 years. If you’re looking to start a business or grow an existing business I highly suggest you take the time out of your day and take a read.

It’s always good to have a plan. For 3 years while I worked as a freelance fashion designer here in NYC I planned and plotted my 5 year escape to owning my own business. During that time besides creating a business plan I also read tons of business books, entrepreneur magazines, teaching myself accounting, marketing and etc. I have notebooks full of notes to reference back to. Which I still look at today. Don’t just jump into it. It’s definitely not made for everyone. Everyone likes the idea of working for them selves but it’s not made for everyone. So take heed.

Don’t just jump into it. Don't wake up one day and quit your job and try to start your business the day after. I started Satin Doll & Co. while still being employed. I had just moved down to Florida to check up on my grandmother who was ill.She ended up passing away days later after my arrival.My father was closing on a new home down there and I got a new job designing full time in Davie. A little voice said the time is now. From my very first paycheck I started laying the groundwork to having my own company.So when the company said they didn't want to keep me as a full time designer after my probation period. I was fine with it. Money was saved up and I had my business to work on. So even if you're miserable at your job keep it for at least a year and save every penny you can.File all the necessary paperwork so when it's time for you to exit stage left you're good to go.

With a design background I could of went a million and one directions but I didn't. I was already making and selling jewelry in Brooklyn before I moved to FL. So I decided to start there. Earrings were my popular seller. From there I eventually branched off in necklaces, bracelets, charms, accessories, hair accessories and now stationery. So with all that said find you niche / one key product and grow from there. You can't build Rome in a day. Everything takes time.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. If you're a Satin Doll OG then you remember we only had our Etsy shop when we started but eventually got our website. The more areas you can get your products viewed the better. You can't rely on one source. Besides those two I was in 5 shops at one time in 2008. That was until the recession hit. Those 5 shops closed and my wholesale/consignment stream of money ended. I didn't panic like many. I looked for another stream of income. So I grew my custom order business and that keep me afloat throughout the recession and thereafter. The same can be said for right now since my stream of income on Etsy is going down with every change they make. So I'm putting all my effects on my website where I can control my branding and etc.

That's why having your own website is crucial. You can control every aspect of your branding down to the lettering. Etsy is well and good but they have their rules and the sellers have no control or even a say in the changes. Sites like that are good because they give you visibility to a customer base you may not be able to reach but it's imperative that you have your own website. Because those sites could shut down tomorrow and where would you be. You get my drift.

With all that being said it's good to have an amazing support team (ie: family,friends) around you. Luckily I have my parents,sister, aunt, and uncles when I first started otherwise it would of been disastrous. They pushed me and helped me a lot even still today. My friends at the time really didn't care. They were too busy partying it up in NY to care. One even called me to ask to borrow money and said don't you have a business credit card. Yes, I do but you're not getting it. The nerve. In time those so-called friends will disappear like they have in my life. Those people don't give an encouraging word or show support or even ask to help among other things. If you can't rely on your family or friends go out and network with other business minded people and grow your support system.I've grown mine by joining a Etsy Team early on and later on joining a business organization too. Don't be shy it's all apart of growing you and your business.

In any type of business customer service is key. From the very beginning I strive to give each and every customer the best serve possible. Great customer service will give you the best form of promotion which is free. Word of mouth. Those customers will tell their friends and family about you, your product(s) and your service. Some will yell it from the roof tops for you. Customer service can take a business right out of business so make sure you're giving the best of yourself to your customers each and every day.

Promotion/marketing is key in any industry. If you're super duper shy you can always pay someone to do it for you. You don't have to be on every social media but choose 2 or 3 that reach you customer base. From there figure out your style of promoting.Also having a direct line to your customers with a newsletter is a must. If you don't have one go sign up for MailChimp it's free to use and start collecting subscribers and grow your list. I've learned sending newsletters twice a week between 10am -12pm works best for me.

With that all being said don't take yourself so seriously.You'll always be busy working. This is no 9-5 for sure but in the end you're doing what you love every day. Have fun doing it.

I know I probably forgetting a lot and it'll come to me later. So I'll end it here while I'm still ahead. I could probably write a book maybe in year 20. We'll see.

What have you learned while running your business? I would love to hear. Comment below.

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Trending: Statement Earrings

Trends & gossipPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, June 13 2017 02:00PM
Nothing makes me happier then a pair of earrings and a statement pair of earrings can take you outfit to a whole new level. They're my personal favorite.I like to say go big or go home. Statement earrings come in many shapes, sizes and styles. It's for you to find your personal favorite.For summer, they're trending and there is no better time for them. A statement pair of earrings can take a boring and bland outfit to new level. You'll be thanking yourself later. Here's a couple of pairs you can find at Satin Doll & Co.

At Dusk Wood Glass and Chinese Turquoise Beaded Dangle earrings

In her Garden Glass and Wood Beaded Dangle earrings

Hear Her Roar Wood Beaded Dangle earrings

Morning Dew Mixed Agate and Wood Beaded Dangle earrings

Burnt Umbers Glass Beaded Dangle earrings

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May Must Haves

Getting PersonalPosted by Gaetana Friday, June 09 2017 06:28AM
Another month has flown by and June is here finally and hopefully summer will arrive with it. This past May I was loving so much. From jewelry, accessories to makeup to hair care to home goods. So I have a bit for everyone.Enough chit chat and onto the favorites.
This first must have has been a staple in my makeup collection for years.It's the NYX Mosaic Power Blush in Love (MPB10).
As you can see it's been well loved. But nevertheless, with it having 0.20 oz should last me for a bit longer. And luckily NYX still sells it too. From NYX website it's described as a coral with gold shimmer. Which is kind of true. The shimmer is never subtle and is more of a sheen then anything. A must in my opinion if you love coral blushes.

Now me and my sister are diehard Bath and Body Works candle lovers but one day while in Home Goods we picked up this candle.Hands down the best candle ever.Burns so clean, smells amazing and can burn for hours .We've had this one I think for 3 months and you see how much we have left. It's by WoodWick in the scent Summer Melon and usually costs $15 but you get them at HomeGoods for $9.99.A great steal.HomeGoods have a ton of different sizes and scents.

Now that my natural hair is getting bigger I'm using my turban headbands more.They not only keep my hair out of my face but are cute and fashionable too. Our Black Out will always be my favorite solid while our Safari is my favorite animal print and our Paisley is my favorite print.I've been wearing all 3 in May. If you follow us on Instagram you've probably seen them. You can find them on our website in the Accessories section.

You know I have to throw one hair product in the mix. This was actually supposed to be in last month's Must Haves but I forgot to grab it. Nevertheless, the Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Dry Deny moisture seal gel oil is the business. I ran out of my EcoStyler Gel in April so instead of going to buy more I looked in my stash to see what else I had and came across this.I'm glad I did. It has held me down all through April into May.Wash n' Go,twist out and braid outs. It not only has a great hold without being crunchy but looks in the moisture too. I'm coming close to the end of it and started looking for but unfortunately have come up empty at my Walmart and local beauty supply. Oh did I not mention a little bit goes a long way. It's available on the Cantu website so I might have to buy it there.

Yes I still love my MAC StarTrek blush but the Wet n Wild megaglo Highlighting Power in Precious Petals is giving me life.
My sister gave me this highlighter and when she applied it to me one day I was in love and she was like here. She actually used it in combination with the MAC highlighter I love. She added a bit of Fix+ then touched the product and then my face.Gorgeous. It's a golden gold and it's build-able.With it being super affordable is an added plus.

If you know me then you know I'm hands down a earring lover.I can't leave the house without a pair.So when I lost one of my White Opal Vintage Glass Stud earrings I was heartbroken. What was once lost was found right in my sister's jewelry box. Can you believe she thought it was her earrings.NOT! I refused to take the last pair out of my inventory and with my supplier not longer selling the vintage cabochons. I got my earring back from my sister. We've been inseparable since. Like I said there is only one pair left on my website. Don't walk, run.
When it comes to my stud earrings I really need to find a better way to store them because I lost my Goddess Faux Druzy Stud earrings too.Well one at least. Still don't know where it went. But I refused to throw it away and I'm glad I didn't because I've never been so happy to give an odd number of supplies before. I remembered I had an extra one that I made into a stud but it didn't have a match.Now it does. They're a bit of bling without going crazy and my FAVORITE of all my faux druzy studs.

Well this concludes my Must Haves for May. I'm not sure if they'll be one in June since I"m using the same ol' stuff but you never know. What are you loving?

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Trending: Pendant Necklaces

Trends & gossipPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, June 06 2017 11:10AM

Goodbye chokers and hello pendant necklaces. Chokers have been reign queen since last summer.Not anymore. Pendant necklaces are the trending necklace alongside layering necklace. Pendant necklaces add a subtle yet bold statement. Be it with a small pendant, a larger pendant or a gemstone. Here's some pendant necklaces you can find at Satin Doll & Co. to add to your jewelry collection and be on trend.

Evergreen Green Agate necklace

Paned Glass Mosaic Turquoise Gold Tone Chain necklace

Pebble Speckled Turquoise necklace

Pink Stripe Agate Gold Plated necklace

Purple Jasper Silver Tone Chain necklace

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