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Behind the Design: Gypsy Necklace SetCustom Jewelry Projects

Posted by Gaetana Tuesday, November 13 2018 12:12PM

Blog imageIf you know me then you'll know that I relish doing custom order and fix it pieces. I think it's the challenge I like of meshing my creativity with a customer's idea. These pieces were a fix it piece and I had complete creative freedom. Her only request was a necklace and earrings which we discussed the earrings in detail on my assistance. So based on the earring design we came up with beforehand is how I came up with the necklace design and the second pair of earrings.

So let's start with the earrings and brain child behind this entire design.
Blog imageI first pulled out my needed supplies which consisted of my jewelry pliers, gold tone head pins, jump rings and ear wires.
Blog imageI then beaded on the beads to create the combination I discussed with the customer beforehand. Attached the two sections together and wallah. They're done.
Blog imageFrom there based on the earrings it's time to work on the necklace.
Blog imageI first knew that I had to include not only the bigger chunkier beads but the natural beads and spacers that she gave me. So I decided to start the necklace off with the dark brown beads then a gold bead then a half bead space and so one. All of this I strung on thick gauge wire added a crimp bead to add jump ring. Now onto the rest of the necklace combination.
Blog imageI then beaded on the chunkier beads with a gold bead between each bead until I reached the middle of the necklace.Since I was going to have a odd number of the chunkier beads left over I decided to put those in the middle and continue the combination until I reached the end point.
Blog imageAnother look at how the bead combination went. Very colorful yet neutral at the same time.
Blog imageI then added a crimp bead and a jump ring. Then a clasp to complete the necklace.Blog imageI then had enough beads left over to create another pair of earrings but this a more neutral pair. I was so much into my work that I didn't stop to take any photos of the process but here is the finish result. The customer was happily surprised with these second pair of earrings.Blog imageHere are both the pair of earrings side by side. So much apart of the necklace. Featuring two different section of the necklace that make it whole.

I don't know what I was expecting when creating these pieces but I know for one thing they came beyond better than I imagined.
For your custom orders & fix it pieces, feel free to email us at . We would love to work with you and help your idea come to life.

November Journaling CardsPlanning

Posted by Gaetana Tuesday, October 30 2018 06:45AM

Blog imageIt's amazing to me how fast this year went by and we're already days away from November and Scorpio season is here. Happy birthday to all my fellow Scorpios.
Blog imageFor this month's journaling cards I was completely stumped on what do as the decorative one since I already did leaves and pumpkin motifs. Then it hit me to use a piece of one our new dolls. This doll is wearing her uggs and if you live in the northeast then you already know the uggs have already started being worn in October. But are seen and worn more in November since the temps always happen to take a nose dive. Like always we have our signature journaling card and like always I used my scalloped edge scissors to give it a decorative edge. So enough chit chat and onto the download.

To download, simply click on the image.

Blog imageNovember Journaling Card

Blog imageUggs November Journaling Card

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Blog imageNovember’s Patreon Exclusive Journaling Card is now available to Patreon members. It features one of our new dolls coming November 9th with November New Releases. We call her First Snowflakes Doll.

Go here to check it out.

Scorpio Birthstone: JasperFashion & Style

Posted by Gaetana Tuesday, October 23 2018 11:41AM

Blog imageScorpio is known to be one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac. Long before Pluto was discovered to be the ruling planet of Scorpio. Mars was the ruling planet of Scorpio. Since Jasper is the planetary stone of Mars, the semi-precious stone can also be the stone for Scorpio. It's a variety of chalcedony and occurs in many colors including red, yellow, green, and black. Jasper is believed to stabilize emotions and bring joy.
Blog imageHere are some jasper pieces that can be found at Satin Doll & Co.

Blog imageTurtle Bay Jasper and Porcelain earrings

Blog imageToffee Jasper and Glass Dangle earrings

Blog imageGreen Envy Sesame Jasper and Jade earrings

Blog imageInto the Bush Jasper and Wood earrings

Blog imageTimber Wood Jasper Dangle earrings

Libra Birthstone: AgateFashion & Style

Posted by Gaetana Tuesday, October 16 2018 10:39AM

Blog imageLibras are intelligent and nice. Libras birthstones act as a charm or lucky stone and help them face challenges and give them strength of purpose. Agate is a talisman stone for Libras. Talismans are amulets or other pieces of jewelry believed to give its wearer magical powers. Libra talisman is engraved on agate, which is a banded variety of chalcedony. Agate is believed to increase intelligence in a way that the Libra birthstone enables its wearer to see the truth, and at the same time keep the person calm and focused by helping him accept the circumstances.
Blog imageHere are some great agate pieces that can be found at Satin Doll & Co.

Blog image
Agate and Jade bracelet

Blog imageBattle Strong Agate and Glass Beaded Dangle earrings

Blog imageEvergreen Green Agate necklace

Blog imageForever Green Agate and Glass bracelet

Blog imageHorizon Agate earrings

September Must HavesGetting Personal

Posted by Gaetana Tuesday, October 09 2018 10:07AM

Blog imageSeptember has come and gone so fast that I almost forgot to do my September Must Haves. It features a great mix of stationery items, electronics and accessories. No beauty products this month because September was unusually hot for any makeup and I have been using the same items for my hair. So let's get to it.
Blog imageFrom the time September hit I knew it was time to change up my planner. I LOVE my Bare Naked pocket TN from Mystic Little Gifts but it didn't scream fall to me. I knew right away to reach for my Macchiato pocket TN from Mystylic Little Gifts. Not only is it rich and screams fall.I love it even more since Mystic LIttle Gifts no longer carries this leather. So I will treasure it. I even changed my entire setup to compliment it. Which is my next favorite.
Blog imageThese collages have been the rage all summer long and now into fall. They remind me of the trend boards we had to do it collage which showed the inspiration for the collections we used to design and create. So right away I knew I needed one when I was going to switch to this planner for fall. I scoured Pinterest and pulled my favorite fall images and made a collage using Photoshop. I think I saved the process in my highlights on Instagram. It might be under the highlight that says "Crafty". And if you've been living under a rock then you might not have seen my Ruska Doll. Which is available on my website. She just screams fall and I'm obsessed with her. The two just go together like peanut butter and jelly.
Blog imageThis zipper pouch that I got from Target I believe last fall has truly come in handy since I've been taking both my planner with me wherever I go. It fits my pocket TNs perfectly and protects them from everything else in my bag. God forbid anything bust in my bag and got on my TN I would be heart broken. Especially since it houses EVERYTHING concerning my business. It's a bonus too that it only cost $1. I really need to check again and see if they have any new styles so I can get another one for my personal rings planner.

Blog imageMy younger sister is a MAC girl and I always get random bits and bobs from her. She has so many makeup bags that she literally gives them away to me and my older sister and her best friends. This one is one of her recent here you go. I love it because the material is very durable. It's that scuba material that has been all the craze recently in the fashion industry. The makeup bag is really roomie. It houses all my lip essentials, tissue, mirror, blotting sheets, feminine items with room to still spare. I doubt it even available anymore but if you do see it.Get it. You'll be thanking me later.
Blog imageI bought this portable charger from Acellories at the very beginning of August for my vacation to Sweden later that month. This baby was a life saver during that trip and all through September. September was a super busy month for me and my family since it was Labor Day season aka West Indian parade time. I rarely worked from home since I had to help at the family business. It's all hands on deck at that time. We're always super busy. This charger held me down since I couldn't be home in front of my computer. My phone became my computer and I did EVERYTHING on it. It charges really fast and charged my phone battery to a full battery in 30 to 45 minutes if I wasn't using it. I found it on Amazon but I bought it from a local homes store here in Brooklyn and it was only $10 after tax. The best investment ever.
Blog imageI've been loving stickers from MadeWithSouthernLuv. Not only these doodle stickers but her kits too. I would of shown those too but I had to go through my album to get them and I didn't want to dig. As you can see one sheet is almost done while the other is half done. Her stickers are not only super cute but functional and her designs are not like everyone else's. I like to be different and you can do that if everyone has the same exact thing. An added plus is her stickers are matte. I can't stand glossy stickers.Nobody got time to be searching for the perfect pen that isn't going to smear.
Blog imageI adore TheCraftyStudent stickers but what I've been really loving is her read script stickers. I use them every week in my weekly spread to track the book(s) I finish that week. Don't sleep on her. Number one they're super affordable,two their matte,three do you see how many stickers you get to one sheet and four she always have some type of sale going on. I really need to reup on some of her stickers that I finished.

Blog imageAnd lastly is this Madeline card case in indigo from Mystic Little Gifts. I've been carrying this baby since I got it in my order from her last Black Friday Sale. I was carrying all my essentials before in my card case available on my website.
Blog imageWhat I love about this one is it not only features one slot to hold your cards but two. I use the front one to hold my business cards and the one behind that to hold my ID, bank card,and store reward cards. It's super light weight and compact. If I don't want to carry any bag I just grab this and go. I highly suggest you get one.

So this rounds off my favorites for this month.What have you been loving? Feel free to share below because I'm always on the hunt for new products to try.

At the Beach Custom Necklace SetCustom Jewelry Projects

Posted by Gaetana Tuesday, October 02 2018 07:13AM

Blog imageI received this jumble of shells which used to be a stretch bracelet and the owner gave me free rein to create anything I wanted. So I ended up creating a necklace and matching earrings.
Blog imageI first started by pulling some beads to compliment the shells. I decided to keep the pieces very neutral since the owner didn't give me any direction.
Blog imageI know I wanted the shells to be the focal point and everything else to compliment it. That's why I went with black coco pukalet flat disc beads and dark brown wood beads. Simple and neutral yet earthy.
Blog imageI then pulled everything I needed to make the necklace portion of the custom order. Crimp beads, wire and findings.
Blog imageI first added the crimp bead and the jump ring to the wire. Once that was secure I begin beading on two dark brown wood beads and then one coco pukalet bead and three shells. I did that until I used up all the shell beads.
Blog imageI secured it with another crimp bead and added a jump ring. It came out beautifully.
Blog imageSince I wanted the shells to be the focal point of the necklace I decided to add leather to finish off the piece.
Blog imageI then added a extension chain so it can be adjustable and a lobster clasp.
Blog imageAnd the necklace is completed. Definitely a gorgeous sight.

I think she'll love both pieces don't you think.

For your custom order, feel free to email us at . We would love to work with you and help your idea come to life.

October Journaling CardsPlanning

Posted by Gaetana Friday, September 28 2018 06:47AM

Blog imageWell hello there October. September went by with a breeze.Since I did the pumpkin theme last year and the leaf theme last month. I opted to do breast cancer awareness.One being it's an amazing cause to bring awareness to and two it is unique and you won't see it anywhere. Plus it kind of close to my families hearts since my older sister is a doctor in Sweden trying to find the cure to breast cancer alongside other doctor's in her department. So with that all being said this month journaling cards is for every survivor of this disease, everyone currently fighting this disease and supporter of the fight of this disease.Blog imageLike always I had to add my own touch with infamous scalloped scissors. You can cut them straight or even round the edges.It's totally up to you.

To download, simply click on the image.

Blog imageOctober Journaling Card

Blog imageOctober Breast Cancer Awareness Journaling Card

Blog imageOctober Breast Cancer Awareness Journaling Card

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Halloween Bucket ListPlanning

Posted by Gaetana Tuesday, September 25 2018 07:49AM

Blog imageI asked you Dolls in our Facebook Group and the votes are in. Since all our other bucket lists were such a hit why not do a Halloween one. I know. Everyone isn't into Halloween but this is for those that are. Like always I decorated the white space using leftover stickers from a Willowfields Hocus Pocus set. Now my bucket list is ready for Halloween.

To download, simply click on the image.
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