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Satin Doll Cafe is the place to come to hear about all the events that Satin Doll had or participated in. To hear about the latest styles and fashion craves. A place to let off a little steam about the daily grind of the fashion industry.

Satin Doll Reaches 1K Followers on Pinterest

Small Business TalkPosted by Gaetana Wednesday, December 10 2014 11:14AM
We're happy to announce that we've reached over 1K followers on Pinterest. If you're not following us we suggest you do because you're missing out. Pinterest can very addictive and we confess that we can spend at least a hour or two throughout the day pinning away.

Follow us now.

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Facebook, Tweets,& Pins Oh Boy!

Small Business TalkPosted by Gaetana Monday, August 20 2012 05:32PM

Admit it, you've signed up for ever social network known to man. From Facebook to Twitter, to Pinterest, to Instragram, to Myspace, to Linkedin, to Flickr, and the list goes on and on. In todays day and age it seems essential to be apart of every social networking and every day a new one is pop up. Meanwhile you barely have time to check each and every one. Right ?!?!

As tempting as it may seem to avoid them all, you may be missing out on an opportunity. Here's how you can narrow your social networks down and what you can benefit from the ones you choose to use.

Let's start with Facebook....

What it's for: Connecting, sharing and staying in touch with friends and business associates.

Who it's for: Everyone

Time demands: Check in every day or two

The bad rap:It's bragging about your kids to your elementary school classmates.

The new twist: It's for networking with your elementary school classmates.

There is no lie that Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites out there with over a 1 billion active users. You can turn your personal connections into professtional ones. You might not know that you can sort your contacts into groups such as family, work and etc. If you want to stay in the mind of former bosses or potential business associates make it your business to like their post. Even comment. It's all about networking. You never know why liking someone's post when a job opening comes up they might think of you first.

Now let's move onto Twitter.

What it's for: News, info, and connecting

Who it's for: Content creators and anyone comfortable with a public forum.

Time demands: Check in two or three times a day

The bad rap: It's what you had for breakfast

The new twist: It's what everyone celebrity had for breakfast

Twitter may be one of the most misunderstood social networks. But with over 500 million users it still remains popular.Twitter is good for the working moms to the stay at home mom because you can get everything in little pieces. You can pop onto Twitter and see everyone is talking about, what's trending and what is the hot topic for the day. Anyone can create content whether through articles, photos, videos, or even graphics. Twitter can bolster your reputation, audience and personal brand. It's also great to connect with leaders in your field. If you're a business owner you can talk right to potential customers. A great tool to use for digital marketing.

Last but not least, Pinterest.

What it's for: Showcasing visual content as well as bookmarking recipes, crafts, travel, decor and other information

Who it's for: Visually oriented professionals and individuals in such fields as product and home design, photography or architecture; scrapbook-loving moms

Time demands: It's up to you but user beware it can be addictive

The bad rap: It's for competitive homemaking

The new twist: It makes you look as creative as Martha Steward

If you love posting cool pictures that not only you take user but find online then you'll love Pinterest.A cyber scrapbooking site that took the media by storm earlier this year. Pinterest surpassed several other social networking outlets and ranked third in the most popular after Facebook and Twitter. On the site you create and follow different boards surrounding around different topics such as food, fashion, or decor. Then you "pin" bookmarks to the board for future reference, planning or inspiration. Beyond personal use, you can use Pinterest for your business. Such as for ideas, industry research and graphics. If you belong to any profession networks, you can pin members on a board. The only danger is Pinterst is highly addictive. You can sit forever pinning away.

Now we've picked our top 3. What's yours? The key to any of these social networking is figuring our your motives and the level of involvement you want to have. So remember that when choosing because otherwise you can look to experience a social networking burnout.

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2011 Satin Doll Holiday Shipping Schedule

Small Business TalkPosted by Gaetana Thursday, November 10 2011 04:40PM

The holiday shopping season is upon us and we at Satin Doll & Co. like to make our customers life as easy as possible when shopping with us. So here's our 2010 Holiday Shipping Schedule. We suggest purchasing your gifts early to ensure they reach you in time for the holidays.

-First Class Mail: December 20th ($2.95, Additional $0.25 per item)
-Priority Mail: December 21st ( $5.20 Small Flat Rate Box , $10.95 Medium Flat Rate Box)
-Express Mail: December 22nd ($18.30 3-5 days for Flat Rate Envelope)
-Parcel Post: December 15th (Varies)

-First Class: December 9th ( Canada $3.95, Additional $0.25 per item) (Everywhere Else $4.95, Additional $0.25 per item)
-Priority Mail:December 9th ( $11.95 6-10 days for Small Flat Rate Box, $27.95 6-10 days for Medium Flat Rate Box)
-Express Mail: December 15th ($26.95 3-5 days for Flat Rate Envelope)

Note: When placing a order and you would like you order shipped via. Priority, Express or Parcel Post, please leave a message in the Note to Seller box indicating which one. Don't check out because we'll have to quote you for the shipping price. Once you agree to the price, we'll send you a invoice via. Paypal for order including the new shipping cost.

If you have questions regarding anything, feel free to contact us via. Etsy convo or email at .

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Tips to Getting Picture Perfect Photos

Small Business TalkPosted by Gaetana Friday, August 05 2011 12:13AM
I won't say my photos of my products are perfect but they're way better then when I started my business 4 years ago.Since snapping my first photo and post it into my Etsy shop, I have learned many things. Here's a couple of my tips that I've learned.

Now when I started selling on Etsy I really didn't know anything about selling online but there really isn't any excuse for the horrible photos I used. Here's one we'll use for an example.
Yuck! Now there are so many things wrong with this photo, can you list a few because I sure can. Let's first start with the lighting, which is never wrong.Too yellow to be exact. This photo was taken in my bathroom on the counter under horrible florescent bulbs. Wrong thing to do when taking photos. Florescent bulbs give off a yellow ting and distorts the actual color.

Now onto the next problem,can you find the piece of jewelry in the photo.You might be able to find it if you look hard enough. It was a good idea in theory but total fail. The sea shells and blue rocks distract your eyes from your main focus, the bracelet. When taking photos,less is more.Leave the props for a movie set.

Now, this photo is 200% better. This is one of pieces that sold a couple of months ago.Can you see what is right?

#1: The light. Always go for natural lighting. Forget the fancy bulbs and go for mother nature.You can go wrong.
#2: The background. Go for simple and neutral backgrounds that won't distract your eyes and take your focus off what's important.The product. When looking for a background, go for simple.Either white,brown, or even gray. Stay away from bright colors.The light will take it to a whole new level of horrible.
#3: No frills. As you can see per the photo, it's just the product and nothing else.Because the focus should be on that and that only.

Now onto the stuff you should have:
#1: A good camera. And I don't mean one that cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars either.It can be one that you take on your family vacations.As long as it has the macro tool so you can focus on a small area you're good to go. Auto focus, flash and no flash are also important functions.
#2: A lighting kit. I got one 2-3 years ago as birthday gift and I love mine. Definitely a great investment. The important elements in any lighting kit is the set up and the tripod, especially the tripod. I can say the tripod is the most important part because I use my tripod every time it's time to take photos of my pieces. You simply screw it onto the bottom of your camera and your good to go.It enables you to move your camera in angles you couldn't do before.Plus it keeps the camera steady when snapping photos. I got mine from Walmart online, the PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO LIGHTING LIGHTS BOX KIT. (approx $70).
#3: Adobe Photoshop or Picasa. A good photo editing software is key.It enable you to edit your photos,crop them and even adjust the light if need be. Adobe Photoshop can run you a couple of hundred of dollars for the latest software while Picasa is FREE.Just google it and you will find the right website to download it. Both are easy to use and great.

I think that covers everything. Now go achieve your perfect photo.If you have any questions, feel to ask away.

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Holiday Shipping Deadlines...

Small Business TalkPosted by Gaetana Friday, November 26 2010 12:53PM

The holiday season is finally here and we at Satin Doll & Co. would love to have all your orders reach you in time for the Christmas. So here's our holiday shipping deadlines:

U.S. Holiday Shipping Deadline: December 20th
International Holiday Shipping Deadline: December 15th

If you would like your order shipped at a faster rate instead of First Class Mail, feel free to contact us before placing your order.

Happy Holidays!!!

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Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Boxes

Small Business TalkPosted by Gaetana Monday, May 11 2009 09:34AM

I found this great website that does samples boxes just like the Little Black Box and the Little Purple Box via. one of my twitter friends. I think it would be a great opportunity for all e-tailers like myself and you don't have to contribute a large amount of samples. A minimum of 25 and they do all the advertisement for FREE. Yes, I said FREE. You will be advertise on their blog, website, twitter,e-zines, and their business forum.

You can sign-up now to be included in their July boxes.

For more info, simply go to:

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Etsy Day- April 24

Small Business TalkPosted by Gaetana Friday, April 24 2009 09:48AM
If you don't know let us be the first to tell you that today is the official Etsy Day. What exactly is Etsy Day? Well, it's a marketing blitz to raise awareness and create a buzz about .The whole idea is to create a mystery about Etsy and to educate the public by word of mouth in mass numbers without really telling them what it is. By getting the public to notice it everywhere and by also talking about it will cause people to research and find out exactly what Etsy is.

If you love handmade and support the cause then help raise awareness about Etsy. Here's some tips to help you raise awareness:

-Arrange to meet other fellow Etsians to hold a Etsy card as a sign

-Print out Etsy cards and post them in your local coffee shop,diner and etc.

-Tell your family, friends,neighbors,co-workers, and everyone you meet today about Etsy and encourage them to pass it on.
-Blog about Etsy Day

Today is not the day to promote your shop individually but Etsy as a whole.

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Part 1: Importance of a Press Release

Small Business TalkPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, April 07 2009 11:04AM

A lot of people don't understand the importance of a press release and what the effects it may have on the growth of your business. Recently, Satin Doll & Co. sent out our very first press release letting the world know that we have released our second collection for this Spring/Summer '09 and the launch of our official website/shop.

We sent out a cover letter and attached our press kit which include our press release, company bio, bio on the owner and information about our new collection. In turn, we received tons of feedback from many magazine editiors. The result from sending out our press release resulted in us also being featured in two magazines for their April/May issues. So it does work and we encourage others to sit down and think about writing their very first press release.

Here's some great tips for writing your very first press release:

Tip 1: Is your news "newsworthy"? The purpose of a press release is to inform the world of your news. Do not make a press release to get a sale. A good press release answers all the "W's" (who, what, when, why, and where), providing the media with useful information about your organization, product, service or event. If you press release reads like a advertisement redo it.

Tip 2: Start strong Your headline and first paragraph should tell a story and the rest of press release should provide the details. You have a matter of seconds to grab the readers attention and don't blow it with a weak beginning.

Tip 3: Not everything is news You being excited about something doesn't necessarily means it's newsworthy. Think about your audience. Will someone else find your story interesting? Make sure you have some news value such as timeliness, uniqueness or something truly unusal. Focus on aspects of your news item that truly set you apart from everyone elses.

Tip 4: Does your press release illustrate? Use real life examples about how your company or organization solved a problem. Identify the problem and identify why your solution is the right solution.Give examples of how your product or service fulfills the need or satisfies the desire.

Tip 5: Stick to the facts Tell the truth. Avoid embellishments and exaggerations.

Tip 6: Pick an angle Try to make your press release timely. Tie your news to current events or social issues if possible.Make sure that your story has a good news hook.

Use these helpful tips when writing your first press release and you should do fine. Part 2: Importance of a Press Release will include formating your press release. So stay tuned and feel free to comment below.

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