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Feeling Fresh Custom Set

Custom Jewelry ProjectsPosted by Gaetana Friday, May 29 2015 11:06AM
My godmother's birthday is at the end of June. So like always instead of buying a gift I'm opting to make her a jewelry set. I searched my bead selection and came up with this cool tone mix of beads.
The last piece I made for her for Mother's Day was warm tones. So this piece will be a bit refreshing from the last featuring green agate, smokey gray faceted glass beads, onyx teardrop beads and an kiwi jasper flower pendant. A nice refresh mix of beads.

Now to figure out the configuration.
I notice when doing the placement that I didn't have enough green agate beads or onyx beads to continue the pattern. And finishing off with the smokey gray faceted glass beads would be boring so I think some leather is in order. Don't you think so.

I beaded the beads onto wire and then cut the leather to the required length and attached. I finished it off with a lobster clasp and a chain extension.

All done. I think the leather was a nice mix to the necklace if I say so my self. Now you can't give a necklace with some sort of earring to match.

I created a simple pair of earrings featuring the smokey gray faceted glass beads and sesame jade beads. I didn't have any kiwi jasper beads but the sesame jade is a close second and are passable. I think she'll love it.

I finished off this gift with a handmade card not shown and package for shipment. I can't wait to hear reaction to this one.

For your custom order, feel free to email us at . We would love to work with you and help your idea come to life.

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Tribal Queen Custom Set

Custom Jewelry ProjectsPosted by Gaetana Thursday, May 07 2015 01:11PM
We love sharing behind the scenes of custom piece we work on. With Mother's Day just around the corner, we go to work on a unique gift for our godmother. She loves buying our pieces but for Mother's Day, her birthday and Christmas we design a custom piece(s) for her as a gift. For this gift based on her last purchase which was a rich and earthy piece we decided to keep with the same theme and came up with we're calling Tribal Queen Carnelian Wood and Amber Leather necklace with matching earrings. (shown below)

We first selected the round carnelian beads, brown wood beads and detailed brown amber dagger beads. Which we purchased a while back at a the Whole Bead Show a year or two ago. We figured on the configuration on our jewelry board.
We strung them together on beading wire but it was missing an element. Leather would complete the look and make it a true statement piece.

So we cute piece of leather and add a chain extension for times she might want to wear it longer or shorter. Walla, it's complete.
Any necklace wouldn't be complete with a matching pair of earrings. Featuring the brown wood beads and the carnelian beads and the set is complete.
Since we were on a time crunch and wanted to get it in the mail it time for Mother's Day. We took her handcrafted gift even further with a handcrafted card featuring stamps, washi tape and a blank card that we always have on hand. We got to work and walla. We created our own Mother's Day card.
With a quote found on Pinterest and a sweet handwritten note our gift to our godmother is complete. Now to wait for her reaction when she gets it in the mail. We'll be sure to share her reaction with you all.

For your custom order, feel free to email us at . We would love to work with you and help your idea come to life.

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Custom Kim K. Body Chain

Custom Jewelry ProjectsPosted by Gaetana Saturday, April 18 2015 10:18AM
The other day our sister text us with a celebrity worn piece like always and wait I want it. So it's up to us to make it happen. This time it was a body chain worn the one and only Kim Kardishian (shown below).

So we ordered the required chain and go to work.Rose gold plated chain and findings with our pliers as helpers we got to work. Note, this is only our 2nd body chain we constructed. The first was a custom order and we didn't have the person in front of us. We were lucky this time to have the actual person available so we made to exactly to their specifications. After cutting of chain and measuring we completed this beauty.
Just like Kim K.'s it features the double drop that extends to the back of the body and clasps at the neck.

If you ever see a piece worn by a celebrity and want it created don't hesitate to contact us. We've had several customers including our own sister come to us with pictures say I want that. Simply send us a email at and we'll see if we can make it happen.

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Recap of Custom Orders for 2012

Custom Jewelry ProjectsPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, January 01 2013 06:00PM
2012 has been a great year for Satin Doll & Co. overall but the custom orders have gotten to a creative high.You, our customers have been hitting us up for some amazing pieces. The level of creative and ideas are amazing. So enough chit chat, here's our recap of custom order for 2012.

By the Sea Mother of Pearl and Glass Beaded set
This was our last custom order for year that we made for a Secret Santa present. The inspiration came from Florida since she is a Florida resident and the beautiful waters that surround the state.
Earthy Sunset Agate Wood and Glass Beaded Dangle earrings
These I made for myself. From the time I saw the wooden pendants I knew I had to make something for myself. I tend to go towards the earthier tones. This is the result of me playing with my bead stash.

Earthy Trio Beaded earrings
These 3 pair of earrings were inspired by a 2 pair of earrings that a customer brought back after 7 years and she lost one side of each. The beads couldn't be found but we found some great replacement beads and this was result of it.
Ankh Silver Tone Dangle earrings
My sister has been wanting a pair of ankh earrings, so when I came across these pendents I knew exactly what to do with them and who they were for.
Boho Blue Dangle earrings
I never knew Tori Spelling had cute jewelry components in Michaels so when I saw these I had to make them into something for myself. A cute yet chic pair of dangle earrings they were turned into.

Natural Beauties Coco Pukalet Beaded Dangle earrings
These are a remake of a pair of earrings that we made for a one of favorite customer last year. One of her coworkers saw her earrings and wanted them so bad that we ended up making her two pairs in two colors.
Taste of Luxury Antique Brass Chandelier Dangle earrings

After finding out Tori Spelling made some cute components, I went back and found these. Every girl should own at least one pair of chandelier earrings. They have a antique/vintage feel to them.

Angelic Leather and Chain set
These pieces came from an idea a necklace that had a leather,chain and crosses. We took away the crosses and decided on white leather, gold plated chain, and 3 strands. This all was our customers idea and is a testament of the some of the creativity we are talking about.
Blue Howlite Skull Gold Plated Chain necklace
From the time my sister saw this blue howlite skull she wanted it and I was told to make into a necklace. A very simplistic but bold piece. Just like my sister.

New York Girl Chunky Gold Plated Chain necklace and bracelet
This necklace and bracelet which you can find in our regular selection on our website and Etsy shop was the brainchild of my sister. She's a huge Rihanna fan and when she saw this chunky gold necklace and bracelet she wore at a performance in NY.I was told that I need to make this for her. After a year of searching for the right chain, my sister finally got her set.
Simplistic Girl Gold Tone Chandelier Dangle earrings
These were made and added in with a previous custom order.The customer came back and requested to purchase a pair for her mother.A simplistic but sophisticated chic pair of earrings.
Honesty Beaded Stretch bracelets
These were the brain child of one our Twitter friends when the armcandy craze was just beginning.
Hamsa Acrylic Beaded Stretch bracelet
Yes, I was bitten by the armcandy craze too. As soon as I saw and purchased these hamsa charms I knew I had to make a piece out of one for myself.Looks fabulous with my rose gold watch and Blessed rose gold chain bracelet.

Birdy Blue Antique Brass Set
These were the brainchild of our one of custom order queens, Felicia. The necklace was inspired by a piece that she seen that featured aqua blue,birds and several strands. We couldn't just give her her necklace without a fabulous pair of earrings that we included as her free gift.
Pisces Beaded Dangle earrings
From the time these fish beads I knew I had to make them into a pair of earrings for my sister. Her being a pisces made these into a perfect fit for her.

Golden Neutrals Multi-Strand Antique Brass necklace
This was the brandchild of my customer/friend. She wanted a earthy tone multi-strand necklace with a ornate antique brass toggle clasp. It was an amazing idea and the results came out beautifully.
Bone About You Beaded Dangle earrings
My sister loved these beads so much that I purchased at a bead show that she begged me into making them into the earrings shown above. Definitely big, bold and earthy.

Wild Side Turquoise and Cheetah Antique Brass Beaded Dangle earrings

Inspired by an cover that LaLa Anthony did for Latina Magazine. My customer/friend came to me with the cover and this was the result of them. It was a challenge to figure out how to get the strands just right but it came out beautifully.
Wild Side Turquoise and Cheetah Beaded Dangle earrings
These earrings were create and give to my customer/friend as gift with her purchase of the earrings before these. A bolder take of the colors scheme of the piece that requested.
Sassy Gold Plated Choker/ Belly Chain
This was the brainchild of my customer/friend and a picture of Beyonce wearing a necklace body chain. She wanted her's to be a choker style so this is what it came out as.
Earthy Rocks Wood Agate and Bone Beaded Dangle earrings
I loved all these components so much that I made them into a pair of earrings for myself.
Agate Nugget Gold Plated Chain necklace
I initially made this piece for my Etsy shop but once my sister saw it she must have it.So it became hers. Happens every time.

Paint Strokes Gold Plated Multi-Strand bracelets
The focal beads that are used in these bracelets we received in a bead swap and as soon as I saw them I knew they had to be made into gorgeous bracelets. One was made for myself and the other for someone special.

This concludes our trip down memory lane of our custom order for 2012. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we have. We look forwarded to 2013 and can't wait to see what you, our customers request this year. Happy New Year! Make it a good one.

If you would like a custom piece, feel free to visit our website and click on Custom Orders for more info. Or you can email us at orders(at)satindoll(dot)biz

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All Wood Coco Pukalet Custom set

Custom Jewelry ProjectsPosted by Gaetana Monday, October 31 2011 05:36PM
One of our favorite customers came to us yet again for a great custom pieces. She wanted a simple all wood necklace.
Here's how we did it. The supplies we used for the both pieces as follows:

-Jewelry making pliers
-Gold wire
-Brown coco pukalet beads
-Gold tone ear wires
-Gold tone jump rings
-Gold tone head pins
-Gold tone clasp
-Gold tone crimp beads

I then cute the gold wire to 21 inches long since our customer wanted the necklace to be 16-18 inches long. We opted out for 18 inches, since it would give her a little more room to breathe. I then attached the gold tone clasp to the wire and securing it with the gold tone crimp beads. From there I strung on a total of 150 coco pukalet beads.
From there I completed the necklace and secured the clasp and added a gold chain extension for times when she might want to wear the necklace a little bit long. And wah lah, I'm done.
(Close up of the closure and the chain extension)

Here's what the completed necklace looks like.
Isn't it gorgeous but simplistic.

Now onto the earrings. I took three of the coco pukalet beads and placed them on the gold tone head pins.

Clicked the extra head pin and did the same with a second head pin and attached them together. Add a ear wire and the earrings are completed.

Definitely a earthy and simplistic dangly earrings.

Can't wait to hear from our customer about the set. Enjoy, Willie!
Do you have a idea and want a custom piece of jewelry?Contact us.We would love to hear from you and collaborate on a great custom piece.

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Pearls & Skulls Custom necklace

Custom Jewelry ProjectsPosted by Gaetana Saturday, May 28 2011 03:27PM
Back I believe in February or March me and my sister went to the Whole Bead Show at the Metropolitan Pavillian and while there I purchased some cool skulls beads that my sister wanted me to use to make her a necklace.Skip ahead to May and I finally got around to making her a cool necklace. (shown below)

Since she's into pearls too, I decided to combine the cool skull beads with white pearls. Definitely a necklace that she can wear all summer long if she wishes.

Now here's how I did it. The supplies I used was the following:

-Gold Tone Clasp
-Gold Tone Jumprings
-Gold Tone Crimp Beads
-White Pearls
-Multi-Colored Turquoise Skull Beads

Here's what I did to get the completed necklace necklace shown above.

I first cut the wire to the desired length that I would need for the necklace. I then attached the jumpring onto the clasp loop. From there I strung 1 crimp bead onto the wire and then bring the wire through the jumpring then through the crimp bead again and securing it close. This process attaches the wire to the clasp. From there I took 4 white pearl beads and strung it onto the wire, then taking one of the turquoise skulls beads and then 1 pearl. I alternated between the skull beads and the pearls until I used all the turquoise skull beads. From there I took 4 more pearls to finish off the pattern of the necklace. I then took another crimp bead then a jumpring and looped the wire through and bring it through the crimp bead.Then securing it close.

This completes the necklace. It's pretty simple to make and the results are beautiful. Definitely colorful yet chic necklace.

Do you have a idea and want a custom piece of jewelry?Contact us.We would love to hear from you and collaborate on a great custom piece.

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Birdy Blue Custom Necklace & Earrings

Custom Jewelry ProjectsPosted by Gaetana Wednesday, May 25 2011 03:40PM
One of our favorite custom order customers contacted us with a request to make her a necklace for her upcoming birthday. She had no idea what she wanted, so she left it up to us to come up some ideas. Since we know her style so well, we sent her about 4-5 pictures of ideas and she really like 2. From the 2 she narrowed it down to the Birdy Blue Antique Brass necklace. (shown below completed)
So if you want to see how we made this gorgeous piece, read on.

So for this piece we used the following materials:

-Antique Brass Jump Rings
-Antique Brass Lobster Clasp
-Antique Brass Crimp Beads
-Antique Brass Flat Oval Chain
-2mm Antique Brass Spacer Beads
-Antique Bronze Plated Brass Filigree Wrap Connectors
-Antique Brass Bird Spacer Charms
-8mm Natural Aqua Blue Turquoise Round Beads
-Opaque Turquoise Matte Size 8 Czech Glass Seed Beads
-4mm Antique Brass Fancy Watermelon Spacer Beads

We first cut 6 piece of wire for the multiple layers of the necklace which we strung 100 of the Opaque Turquoise Matte Size 8 Czech Glass Beads onto each wire. To do this we use masking tape and taped one end onto a flat surface and strung the beads on the wire. We then strung all the necessary beads and then taped that down to keep it secure until we needed it. This we did with all 6 strands. (shown below)

Onto the next step. We then cut another piece of wire and connected it onto one of the connectors, securing it with a crimp bead. (shown below)

From there we strung a spacer bead, a Natural Aqua Blue Turquoise Round Bead,another spacer bead, then another Natural Aqua Blue Turquoise Round Bead, another spacer bead and lastly another Natural Aqua Blue Turquoise Round Bead.Finishing off the strand with a Bird Spacer Charm. We did the same with the second connector.(shown below)

From there we closed off the strand and connected it to a jump ring. We then took the brass chain that we cut the desired length and attached it to the jump ring. (shown below)

From there we undid one of the taped ends of the seed bead strands that we did earlier and attached a 4mm Antique Brass Fancy Watermelon Spacer Bead. (shown below)

We then attached that end to the to the brass connector strand we created earlier and secured it with a brass crimp bead. (shown below)

We took the other end which is still taped down and untaped it and added a 4mm Antique Brass Fancy Watermelon Spacer Bead like we did to the other end.We took that end and connected it to the other connector strand, making sure to put it in the same loop on the connector as we did with the other end.(shown below)

We then did this with the remaining 5 strands. After attaching all the strand we added the clasp. Here's a picture of the finished product. (shown below)
Here's a closeup of the bead strands and etc. (shown below)

Our customer is going to get such a surprise when she receives her necklace. We made a great pair of earrings for her FREE of charge with the some of the supplies we used to make the necklace. (Note: When you order a custom piece with Satin Doll & Co., you will ALWAYS receive a surprise piece FREE of charge) We call these earrings, Birdy Blue Antique Brass Dangle earrings. (shown below)
For these earrings we use all the same supplies we used in the necklace plus a head pins and ear wires. Here's how we made it.

We first took a head pin and added a bird spacer charm, a 8mm Natural Aqua Blue Turquoise Round Bead, then a 4mm Antique Brass Fancy Watermelon Spacer Bead, another 4mm Antique Brass Fancy Watermelon Spacer Bead and another 8mm Natural Aqua Blue Turquoise Round Bead.

We then attached a ear wire and connected it together. We took that head pin and attached a jump ring to the loop end of it.

From there we connected a connector to the jump ring. Now onto the chain, we cut 4 pieces of chain. 2 at shorter length then the other two.

Taking a jump ring we attached it the connector and added the longer chain and closed it off. Taking the end of the chain we just attached to the connector, we then added another jump ring and attached it to the connector at the opposite end. We did the same with smaller chain. This completes the earrings.

We did the same steps to make the other earring.

Aren't they gorgeous. We can't wait to receive the email from our customer. She's going to love them. Enjoy, Felicia!

Do you have a idea and want a custom piece of jewelry?Contact us.We would love to hear from you and collaborate on a great custom piece.

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Purple Pearl on Pearl Custom Set

Custom Jewelry ProjectsPosted by Gaetana Thursday, March 10 2011 01:40PM
One of our lovely return customer sent us a short message requesting a purple pair of earrings. She then changed her mind and said she would like a set. She sent us yet another message requesting that she might like it to be all pearls. Great, so we came to a decision to make the earrings like a previous pair of custom earrings we made before. (shown below)

I showed her several design ideas and we came to the decision to make her piece like our Earthy Turtle Beaded necklace that is currently available for sale in our Etsy shop. (shown below) And I knew I had the perfect pendant in my stash to use. It is just like the one used in our Earthy Turtle Beaded necklace but in purple.
So since we have the supplies and designs nailed down. Now it is time to make the piece. Here's the supplies that will be used to make the Purple Pearl on Pearl set.
-Purple Gemstone Turtle pendant
-8mm Purple Glass Pearl Beads
-6mm Round Antique Rose Glass Pearls
-10mm Silver Tone Earring Hoops
-Wire (not shown)
-Silver Tone Head Pins (not shown)
-Silver Tone Ear Wires (not shown)
-Silver Tone Jump Rings (not shown)
-Silver Tone Clasp (not shown)

We first made the earrings exactly like the original Pearl on Pearl earrings using the 6mm Round Antique Rose Glass Pearls and the 8mm Purple Glass Pearl Beads. (see the completed earrings below)
Now onto the necklaces, just like the original Earthy Turtle Beaded necklace we will be using the 6mm Round Antique Rose Glass Pearls,the 8mm Purple Glass Pearl Beads and the Purple Gemstone Turtle Pendants. (see the completed necklace below)
And that makes our Purple Pearl on Pearl set. I must say in the beginning I had no clue how the pieces were going to come out but I'm delighted on how gorgeous they turned out. I must say our customer had a amazing idea to use all pearls.

With all orders and custom orders I like to include a pair of earrings or something small to say thank you. But with all custom orders I like to use whatever beads that are left over and include a pair of earrings. Here's what I made with the leftover pearls.
I would like to thank Willie yet again for coming to me with another amazing idea for a custom piece. Thank You Willie! Enjoy!
Do you have a idea and want a custom piece of jewelry?Contact us.We would love to hear from you and collaborate on a great custom piece.

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