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My name is Gaetana Parris fashion designer, business owner and blogger. I have a passion for all things fashion and design related. I started my blog back in 2007 and over time is have evolved to not only about fashion, trends, design but the love for my business, reading and planning. So sit back and enjoy.

Satin Doll & Co. featured on the CW, Hart of Dixie. Second Time Around.

In the PressPosted by Gaetana Sunday, December 21 2014 09:46AM
We're super happy to announce that Satin Doll & Co. was featured on the CW, Hart of Dixie again.

It came to us as a complete surprise to us the morning after the Hart of Dixie season 4 premier that we had a couple of message alerting us that our Girly Glitz Vintage Cabochon Gold Plated Stud earrings were worn again by Elodia played by Karla Mosley.

If you remember we gifted our Girly Glitz Vintage Cabochon Gold Plated Stud earrings to the stylist of Hart of Dixie for consideration for use on the show.We were stoked to hear they were chosen for Season 3, Episode 19 "A Better Man".

To check out the episode and our earrings in the work you can skip to 19:50-20:45. Luckily Elodia was very chatty this episode and you can see our earrings up close during that time frame.

To purchase our exclusive earrings as seen on the CW, Hart of Dixie. Head over to our Etsy Shop. Quantity is limited and once they're gone they're gone forever.

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Our Dagger It Agate Antique & Gold Beaded Dangle earrings on The Vampire Diaries

In the PressPosted by Gaetana Saturday, October 04 2014 09:56AM
Did you catch it? The season premier of the Vampire Diaries. We've been post and hinting all over our Facebook page and Instagram about our opportunity for our earrings being on the show and the day finally arrived with the character Liv wearing our Dagger It Agate Antique & Gold Beaded Dangle earrings.

We can honestly say we're true fans of the show and don't miss an episode but the season premier we keep our eyes out for one character in particular.Liv. We're happy to say there were good shot of our Dagger It Agate Antique & Gold Beaded Dangle earrings.

In this scene she was having a very heated conversation with Tyler in regards to her twin brother. Can't get a better then that .Right?!?!

Another shot of Liv talking to Tyler but this one the camera is bit further back.

We don't know if she'll wear them again during the season but we'll keep our eyes out for her and our earrings.

Want a pair? Here's you chance to get a piece of the hit TV show. Available on our website.

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Satin Doll & Co. gifted to Selena Gomez

In the PressPosted by Gaetana Saturday, November 09 2013 05:53PM
If you've been following us on Facebook then you might already know that we are apart of a amazing group of artisans called The Artisan Group. The Artisan Group is a elite group of talented artisans who gift handmade products to celebrity gift lounges, the press, stylist of TV shows and charities.

We have the wonderful opportunity to gift one piece to a celebrity and 9 of his/her crew/band. We weren't notified of who the celebrity was until after the event. Well we are happy to announce that the celebrity was Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez was gifted the Artisan Group gift bag on November 7th in Los Angeles, California after her sold out concert "Stars Dance". #starsdance #starsdancetour After the concert, Selena, her entire band and crew (75 people) and special VIP guests all attended an after-party backstage where they were all gifted our fantastic products (along with a few other sponsors as well).

Below you will find a photo of the gift bag gifted to Selena Gomez via. The Artisan Group.
The piece we decided on to gift was our Paparazzi Fierce Gold Spike Charm Dangle necklace. (as shown below)
Which is available for purchase in our Etsy shop. (Retail price $23.00)

To 9 of her crew/band we gifted our Dagger Antique Brass Beaded Dangle earrings. (as shown below)
Which is available for purchase on our website.

We would like to thank you to the Artisan Group and all they're phenomenal work.

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Satin Doll Featured on Naps.Kinks. Love Blog and Youtube

In the PressPosted by Gaetana Saturday, February 19 2011 10:15AM
Everyone knows we treasure our customers but it's nice to know how much YOU our customers treasure us too. One of our customers that we've been working with for about 6 months now making custom pieces for featured us on her blog, Naps. Kinks. Love and on her Youtube channel.

We knew of the blog feature which we completed a questionnaire 2 or so months ago but the video she did for her Youtube channel was a complete surprise. It's always nice to see our customers in the flesh.That's one of the downsides of a online business. Not seeing our customers face to face.

Satin Doll Company: Jewelry at it's Best

To see the Youtube video,click HERE.

We would like to say a big thank you to Cia E./Felicia for doing the video which was totally unexpected. Enjoy all the amazing pieces we made for you.

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Ad in Fringe Indie Magazine April/May Issue

In the PressPosted by Gaetana Monday, April 06 2009 09:01AM

Check it out now, Satin Doll & Co. has a half-page ad in Fringe Indie Magazine April/May Issue. What exactly is Fringe Indie Magazine, it's a magazine that showcases new and independent designers.They also write some of the best fashion coverage around.

Check it out now at:

Click on English then Read the new Issue.

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Featured on Berrilynns Designs

In the PressPosted by Gaetana Monday, January 12 2009 07:33AM

The first piece of press and advertising for the New Year on Berrilynn Designs. You can find our shop banner in the Jewelry 2 section and you just click on the banner to go to our Etsy Shop.

Berrilynn Designs is a one-stop website that links you to every shop known to man. From baby items to toys and everything else in between. Check it out now at:

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Satin Gift Certificate featured in Etsy Gift Guide

In the PressPosted by Gaetana Saturday, December 20 2008 09:04PM

Now, this is a first for Satin Doll & Co. Time to time we check Etsy's Gift Guide to see what's listed in the gift guides and to see what's new and interesting. We were shocked and dumb struck to find our $15.00 Satin Gift Certificate featured in the Etsy's Gift Certificate Gift Guide ( ). Woo Hoo for us!!! :)

Blog Image

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Sahara Bracelet featured...

In the PressPosted by Gaetana Tuesday, July 29 2008 02:07PM

Blog ImageSahara Bracelet featured in an Etsy Treasury "More Favs of BCTG:A few of my favorites" on 07.29.08

To check out the treasury, simply go here:

Blog Image

To check out the Sahara Bracelet, simply go to:

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